Business Tips: Advice to a Young Man That Many of You Need

Business Tips: Advice to a Young Man That Many of You Need

Awesome Tip: Advice to a Young Man That Many of You Need

I gave this advice to one great kid on growing his personal brand and social media influence .. I just wanted most of you to hear it too

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Gary Vaynerchuk builds businesses. Fresh out of college he took his family wine business and grew it from a $3M to a $60M business in just five years. Now he runs VaynerMedia, one of the world’s hottest digital agencies. Along the way he became a prolific angel investor and venture capitalist, investing in companies like Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr, Uber, and Birchbox before eventually co-founding VaynerRSE, a $25M angel fund.

The #AskGaryVee Show is Gary’s way of providing as much value value as possible by taking your questions about social media, entrepreneurship, startups, and family businesses and giving you his answers based on a lifetime of building successful, multi-million dollar companies.

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28 Replies to “Business Tips: Advice to a Young Man That Many of You Need”

  1. Documentation instead of creation.

    So many of the people I talk to seem to follow a youtuber or Instagram creator instead of the channel itself. I think you pointed out something great that I had never given much thought to. We grow to love a good creator through their content, but even more through that creator being relatable and genuine.

    It makes me wonder if people are just drawn to genuine individuals regardless of what they are producing simply because so much in the world is fake or deceiving. If so, doesn't that speak volumes about humanity as a whole? We don't need such extravagance and material wealth as much as we need to feel connected with the people we choose to fill our lives with.

    Great video. Thank you for sharing.

  2. I’ve been in a place where I am past the judgement part & I don’t think it has been fear keeping me from putting out content. This video just brought awareness to me! That “thing” that has held me back, has been relevance. I haven’t felt comfortable with any of my ideas being relevant. From this video I have new insight as to the fact I have been trying to be creative instead of “real”. I have tons of pictures and videos of me throughout the different stages of my reselling business in which I have sent to my college aged kids. I like to share with them my process and journey, some of which is to be an example, and also I gain encouragement from their feedback. I have had my creative relevant content the entire time I just didn’t know it!! Thanks Gary Vee!! Just another reason why I admire and respect you!

  3. GaryVee is the maan.! l've taken all of gary's advice .jumped out of my comfort zone and now I’m on target to make a million! I’ve even just created YouTube channel to fallow my progress.i would love some cannot understand how helpful this little subscribe is to this revolution.thanks

  4. Hello everyone reading this. This is a long read but a good place to see everything Gary said just into condensed points to think about. I am 19 years old as of writing this and he inspired me to take action in my own life to follow my passion no matter what anyone else thought and what to do to become my own "winner" as Gary calls it. This video in particular has also inspired to me to write this for all the future people going through the same things Gary talks about. I will be writing what things Gary says that I think are good takeaways and then under it put what I think he's trying to communicate to all of us (with timestamps to help along). Enjoy!

    1. ( 0:24 ) You're at the point now where why don't you just take 3 years and just do and see what that tastes like because you know what fn filling in journals taste like.

    – whatever age you are at, why not just spend some time on yourself and find your passion and just run with it, the money will follow

    2. ( 1:31) I think the thing people struggle with is being very real with themselves…The difference between understanding who you are VS who you wish you were.

    – Once you peel back your onion layers to your core and find out who you really are deep down, what you're made of and what your true passion is in life, you will live the happiest and best life you can because it's who you truly are and have always been but now you understand your core so you can become "free" of caring what anybody else thinks of you [that type of judgement is only because they haven't peeled their own onion layers back and have deep insecurities they don't want to deal with and overcome]; but if you keep thinking about the life a future "you" could be living you'll be trapped in that psychological and mental prison and will be there your whole life until you peel back your layers and discover who the true you is, what are your true passions and how to reach your goals [financially, physically and emotionally] using your passion.

    3. ( 3:42 ) Don't front

    – Don't try to oversell yourself, be the genuine you and people can tell weather it is you being genuine or not, and with you being genuine in your content they'll like that and naturally and organically positive things will come your way, just be yourself and don't force anything and you'll be surprised of how positive that outcome will be.

    4. ( 4:20 ) I think it's much smarter for you to talk to the world about your process of going through this than the advice you think you should be giving them

    – In the beginning of your content career and a few times throughout it talk about your journey ( being 100% honest) of where you came from, the challenges you faced to start whatever your doing, how you got to where you are now and where you'd like to go in your future doing whatever it is that you do. People consuming your content will immediately notice the authenticness of your brand and you as a person for 1, and 2 will respect you more as a creator as a whole and want to help you out even more on your journey since they can tell your worthy of their help as a part of the community.

    5. ( 4:37 ) I'm not sure if the internet wasn't around in its current form that I would be that successful

    – The possibilities and freedom the internet gives us all to upload whatever we want is so powerful that people should utilize it more, back in the day the infrastructure simply wasn't there but now it is so use it to your full advantage.

    6. ( 6:17 ) When you say f it, then you start betting on your strengths

    – Only you can find out what your good at and what your god given talents are ( trust me everyone has one ), and once you do focus on that one thing and become excellent at it, then you'll be unstoppable in your own game ( game being whatever your really good at / what your talent is in this context).

    7. ( 6:38 ) I do me and then the world comes to me

    – When your being your genuine self ( which requires deep soul searching, finding and doing what you're truly passionate about and not caring about the money initially for it, and not giving a single f about what others think for you living your best life and making the choices that make you happy) people are attracted to that because they've known for a long time they personally in their own life want to stop pretending being someone who everyone else wants and being their true self and see that quality in you it's positive thing to be your true self and then they want to become like you too, their honest self. Positive recognizes genuine and positive deep down, even if no one admits that face up.

    8. ( 6:487:23 ) The best thing I can tell you … if you want to really pull this off there is only one answer, the truth… just be your self and know that shiz … and its unbelievavble how much that is the reason that i'm winning

    – Basically a combination of everything i said above and I'll even do a mini summary / equation here. Finding your true self + being genuine + doing your passion(s) for work + Hard work / Grinding / Hustling = Lifetime happiness and success.

    9. ( 8:038:17 ) You Should VS my intuition says

    – Don't tell people what to do, go with what you feel in your gut because 99.99% of the time that gut instinct is correct, we all have it deep down for a reason.

    10. ( 8:5010:08 ) Finding money isn't the problem, it's people don't have a product to show

    – Now is a easier time than ever to get money, just have a product or content that is worth while for their time and attention.

    11. ( 10:0810:20 ) We're as humans living in the most interesting time know where art science and business are colliding but they're all very different.

    – Now is the craziest time in our history that we know of as humans to combine all these elements ( Art, Business, Science) into one and through the power of technology and the internet we can mix things like work/job, passion, and having a business doing it all at once.

    12. ( 11:4612:05 ) You have to put your thing into a container that's investible. Then Package it.

    – Know what your passion / business is, take whatever the product is / source that is making your money, advertise that and make a tangible and liquid product people can understand so they can put money back into the pot now that they've seen the ingredients for your business / passion to succeed, then package that information so well that your "investors" can see where you're coming from and want to help you out instantly once they know what you're all about.

    13. ( 12:3018:02 ) Document VS Create

    – This is a good chunk of later part of this video and it's now 2 am for me so i'll still be giving good summaries but not all the way deep, but deep enough for you to understand what he's saying. Thanks for sticking with me this far in.

    – Upload consistently (what you can afford up to doing). Don't be fancy with it. Just record your life and people who find it interesting will follow. Your content will attract a crowd, don't worry about getting the followers. YOU are in control of what you upload, don't limit your creativity. Don't wait to start your journey weather its business or passion, START NOW. Don't wait for tomorrow, live everyday like its your last. For content burnout, do whatever level your comfortable with, but know the more invested with your business or your passion is for a job, the less down time you can afford personally. Only you can find and feel that balance that works for you, everyone is different. Get to know yourself. And when you do get ready to film your content, be 1,000,000% in it or people will sense your not about it and go away, no one likes fake energy. This is very demanding and why not everyone is a business owner or entrepreneur or social media person professionally. YOU HAVE TO WANT IT MORE THAN AIR TO BREATH. Know your audience and let the world work with you if you can't be 100%, maybe that gives them a chance to shine and you can grow together, doesn't always have to be you "giving" the content.

    14. ( 18:08 – End ) Building a team; don't worry about a team focus on you first, the team will come in time, be the foundation and the rest will fall into place. Ideas are shiz, Execution is the game.

    – When you have yourself in what i like to call "Perfect Awareness Alignment" you will naturally find the team you were supposed to be with, the universe will take care of that. Focus on getting better everyday and search for your deeper, richer, and truer self, and once you find that and achieve your PAA the team will come looking to recruit you, not the other way round. Grind and continue to grind, the positive benefits will appear sooner than you think.


    – The first thing I said [ and Gary 🙂 ] ( Number 1). Discover who you truly are, find what truly makes you happy, be genuine, positive and compassionate in everything you do ( The good karma will follow) find how your passion can make you a living (not necessarily a fortune, True Happiness is worth more than all the money in the world) and live life like today's your last day so be the best person in the world you know that you can be, and take others along for the ride as they come and go.

    – If you've made it this far, I commend you. Talking about how we can better further ourselves as people is never easy but once we get through the small uncomfortable and rough patch i truly believe it will make everyone individually and society as a whole the better for it. Thank you for reading and have wonderful life!!! ( Now you know how to start it. Be Happy and Free!!! )

  5. Talk about the journey of the climb. You want money, cool, whatchugot? Over-create! There's so much Magic going on. If you want to be respected and really known, show the fuck up! No weeks off. 7-25 pieces of content per day. document your process. Work on You before you start working through a team. Ideas are Shit, Execution is the name of the game. #1 Takeaway: Respect and know yourself, show up every day to work for yourself, over-create, speak the truth, and share that to benefit yourself, Execute an succeed through yourself and you will have the opportunity to succeed through your team in the future.

  6. The take away for me is…..
    "There's no excuse for not talking to the world, it just doesn't have to be your thoughts and words everytime."
    I'm constantly saying I don't have content yet to put out there. I'm also a little shy about having the camera soley on me. However, you've given me a way to get "started". I've been spending a lot of TIME reading and viewing content about how to BE and how to CREATE and how to MAKE and understand MONEY. Yet, I still haven't taken action and I am ready to do so.
    The other take away is your statement, "shit is subjective". Yea, I needed that too because I do care about how my shit looks. It will be me, the content, so it's personal. It's another reason for my delay or non action.
    I'm so late to your party Sir. I heard you on Jeezy's song, "the enTRAPreneur and thought I'd check you out. You're energy is exciting. I was like wooooeeee, who the F is this. I trust that. Thank you.

  7. "There's no excuse for not talking to the world…it just doesn't have to be your thoughts and words every time." We often surround ourselves with thoughts instead of actions. I believe that we have been socially conditioned to put down any sort of organic driver that comes from within us. Our relatives and peers reflect their past experiences onto us in way of negative feedback, which subconciously pushes the individual away from their idea. As Gary said, "Ideas are shit. Execution is the game."

  8. My greatest takeaway was that I don't have to create the content myself. By interviewing other ppl and answering their questions I can help that individual, the community and create unique content. Come to think about it, this is a strategy used by some of the most successful vloggers right now. Thanks for sharing Gary <3

  9. it's November 2019 and i'm 69 years old – We did not have all this internet HELP when I was going through " The School of Hard Knox " You people should listen to this guy as i just finished watching 2 of his videos and i think he is sharp. P.S. First time to ever comment.

  10. The container idea. I have been thinking about this for some time but have not been able to put it into words and that is it. Calligraphy being an easily personalisable thing is great but distribution is the hard part for me so now I am brainstorming ways to fill that easier. Thanks for that.

  11. Lessons I learnt:
    – Understand yourself, and the difference of who you are vs who you want to be
    – Document the process, the thinking behind your idea, teach people than show them.
    – Put out as much as you can on media, Instagram, youtube, tik tok, facebook
    – Create a routine of an idea theme then keep posting.
    – Work on yourself and show the best of you.
    – Let people see your ambition and what you will make a reality not yourself, People admire what people strive for not solely on what they do, they care about dreams not static moments of achievements.

  12. To act and act fast bc the only time is right now, so you gotta create right now Make your world and be real with yourself along the way having fun in the journey. Be real w yourself and you’ll love yourself. You’ll be the true you. Lol love u Gary

  13. when you said "what am i investing in" it hit me with realization that what really matters when you selling something. creativity is good i have created piece of art but how am i gonna make them convince to invest. that is what i learned today.

  14. Well… to put this all in one sentence, Content creation and coming up with unique ideas in them is hard because people are overthinking about what the best thing is to create, and they feel it has to come from within; sometimes the great idea is in plain sight, but our brain is working too hard to notice it. Also Luck is a word unbelievers of hardwork use to decrease the awesomeness of someone else's success. Also Gary has a cute laugh.

  15. There are several things I took away from this video but the thing is is that I already in the back of my mind I knew but it took this video to *understand*. I want to create a team. Great. What do I have to pitch to them? Not much of anything. So I HAVE to have SOMETHING. Something's better than nothing. Had I been in this interview and had nothing, Gary would have chewed me out just like he did to this guy. But if I had something to show him, Gary would be emailing me in 30 days about what more I got rather than have me email him for what I finally got done. It would be an entirely different dynamic.

    I also need to stop with this planning shit and just do the damn things I need to do. I can watch a million videos on learning a craft and whatnot but if I'm not creating the craft, then what the hell am I getting done?

    And he's absolutely right about getting out there and finding people, learning their stories. That's how you find a team. 8 billion people out in the world and you can't find one or two people who would feel just as passionate as you do on a given project? C'mon. Matt and Trey found eachother through their shared sense of comedy and had no animation skills whatsoever, but "I can't find a team"? I should slap myself right now.

  16. “If you can’t create, distribute“. That was really huge for me. I feel like I have so much to give and I need to involve more people in what I’m trying to do if everything is for the people, you’ll be OK and to have somebody like you publicly expressed that and see the outcome of you being successful because of what you’re doing for other people makes all the sense in the world and all it really took for us was someone that we could see that was a human to do this feed that a lot of people think is impossible and goes directly against the nature of capitalism. I appreciate you sir

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