Business Tips: #AskGaryVee 333 | Sports Cards Q&A

Business Tips: #AskGaryVee 333 | Sports Cards Q&A

Awesome Tip: #AskGaryVee 333 | Sports Cards Q&A

If you are deep in the sports card world or just starting to get interested and want to learn more, this is the perfect video for you. Gary did an epic 2.5 hour live session where he tooj in calls from fans whp had a range of questions about the growing market. From novice things like how to learn more to very advanced topics like the market predictions, this #AskGaryVee video is for the entire trading card community… Enjoy!

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35 Replies to “Business Tips: #AskGaryVee 333 | Sports Cards Q&A”

  1. @Garyvee do you think in football it's only smart to invest in qbs and all the star positions? Or is it anyone who you think is gonna be a stud. It seems like qb cards are the big ticket items and everyone else is on the same level with some star rbs and wr in that upper slot too.

  2. I think PSA is going to stop accepting cards for grading with Coronavirus present…… Might be stuck with what we have for cards for a year. which way would the price go on the stuff we already have graded in our collection??

  3. Gary! once we do the whole research and buying cards… how do we go about placing a price on a card for after sold price of $57 ? or any price or card.. how do we know what value to give a price to then hopeful higher biding

  4. What about the first basketball set ever produced? 48 Bowman. George Mikan changed the game. They had to change the rules because of his dominance. I agree on 61 Fleer, I would even add 57 Topps as well.

  5. De'Aaron Fox will never amount to much at all he's in a second level player, if he goes to another team he will be the second best player on a good team, hope you admit you are wrong about him

  6. What do you think the suspended NBA season will do to the price of basketball card prices? Is it a + or -? Gary you are bringing me back to my childhood. I loved collecting sports cards as a kid. I'm gonna take my son to a card shop this weekend. If nothing else thanks for giving me and my son something to do together.

  7. have been dealing sports cards for over 25 yrs…

    ran four card shops through two Black Swans in the 90s/2000s when cards collapsed…

    this Black Swan looks much worse so I just sold out all my higher end stuff, shipped our last Kobe…

    and the NBA season got cancelled the following day 🙂

    talk about timing the market…holding off on buying as values drop like rock!!!

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