If you are a YouTuber or you want to be a YouTuber, you need to watch the entirety of this keynote. I genuinely think that the amount of value that I give in this keynote at VidSummit 2017 that is directly regarding being a creator on the YouTube platform is extremely valuable. Take advantage of this free knowledge!

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Gary is the host of the #AskGaryVee Show, a business and marketing focused Q&A video show and podcast, as well as DailyVee, a docu-series highlighting what it’s like to be a CEO, investor, speaker, and public figure in today’s digital age.

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  1. I want to be an Overland/Camping guide. I want to take people that don’t feel like they can do it on they’re own into adventure. It’s a long process so right now I am building my foothold and influence through Instagram, Facebook and YouTube in the Overland world. I have also recently started a Pinterest page. I also want to be the host of the party.

  2. I'm baffled as to why the people laughed when the 14 year old boy asked Gary what he was doing at his age to really crush it.It's safe to say that the audience was mostly people that had little drive or motivation to do much other than play with their friends at 14 years old and that's why a good majority of them are attending Gary's talk. That kid should have gotten a round of applause, not snickers and laughter. Some people will never get it.

  3. Thats good! I watched the entire video and forgot you had to give your question…what do you want to be an influencer for… me more about being a messenger about healthy clothing:) Stay tuned, check out our radio show we recorded Friday with "All about health" with Emily Francis. Ill DM you the feed, you and D-Rock and crew can watch see What's your om?!.

  4. This was the best 1 hour of my time i've spent out from working on my own stuff in ages! Thanks Gazza! Damn ive been missing so much. Every damn video I see of yours I learn something the hard way. I hate it sometimes as I know its the truth haha. Sounds stupid but I needed this! Thanks Gary

  5. What are you trying to accomplish with the attention you're trying to surmount?
    I hate to say it, but I feel like I've just been trying to attain fame with attention. Really feels shit to admit that but yo, I actually think that's the truth. Because I know the answer I wish it was that I was trying to attain attention to share something genuinely fantastic for people to a) be inspired by or b) to make the loves of others better.

  6. #QOTD: I'm trying to show people how to build stronger family bonds with their kids and spouse through travel. When families travel together, they all have to work with each other and communicate together to achieve the same goal of being together experiencing, exploring and doing good deeds. When families travel together, they stay together.

  7. My mission is to create the first Human Mind Manual. The reason – to help people evolve their minds to the next level of consciousness – conscious creators.

    We all see and know our bodies grow and evolve, but we don't see and rarely people know, that the mind grows and evolves too and on that evolution are based many of the human mind's aspects.
    For instance Fear, the number one action stopper in our minds is based on exactly that evolution and is naturally designed to be consciously controlled, but because of the lack of knowledge and education around the mind and how to grow it, we miss it and Fear instead of being our ally(which is it's natural purpose and function) it turns into our greatest enemy.

    You talked about regret. Well, regret is a function of not doing something, which is a result of being stopped by fear. So you can clearly and easily start to see the threads behind why people fail, or lose, or don.t start, or get crushed by pressure(depression), or any other negative aspect of Life, can be tied in some way shape or form to fear, yet fear is so small, tiny it's simply a message filled with information, and nothing more. Yet we are oblivious to it at a scale, that represents the whole human race.

    I mean, people use a manual for their brand new TV and learn how to change the channels and connect the proper cables or devices, how to sync them or use internet on it, but at the same time, they have no clue at how their minds operate, how to use them properly, why the minds do and behaves certain ways at certain times… and so on.
    Heck, even the candy bars in the store have a "manual" on them and even got a phone number you can dial and call, where you can ask all of your "smart" questions and probably get an answer to more or most of them… It's fascinating. It's not intelligence at all. Nevertheless we are intelligent and that is why we keep try to figure things out to evolve our minds even though the majority of those who do do it blindly(without specific guide or instructions, or directions).

    And that is why such a manual – a Human Mind Manual, will help people learn, understand and realize what how to use their minds and actually be effective and successful at it, not just randomly get a win here and there, but to be solid rock grounded with the proper foundation. To experience it consciously and be like a person training his body at a gym, or in the nature who not only feels the change in his body, but is also able to see it happening.

    p.s. Knowledge gives you opportunity to be free, the actions and the responsibility for them, you take on that knowledge, is the freedom itself.

  8. I wanna surpass the pioneers of entertainment and create the most quality and entertaining content there is. And being an influencer I wanna inspire kids that they can go out and do their thing and be successful at it without anyone's permission for it!

  9. 58:38 This time it feels like… You're gonna die… then this here now is the free for all!! That's gonna be done one day. Go get yours!
    #Qotd: i see much like Gary, so many people with so many bullshit excuses. I want to be an honest voice calling them out on it. Make that impact, but still kinda remain kind as I do it…
    Also I want to be the voice of enthusiasm, respectfully, about things people care about. Telling them they can do it. And even if they don't achieve it, if it came from an honest place of interest that it's worth just executing against that failure. And eat that up and grow. Because they are going to die… THIS here and now, is the free for all buffet of life, and being insecure and sulking in a corner is just a disaster plan for life.

  10. sold for $200,000.00 usd in march 2018. This guy says he has Jump Rope all tied up, so did he buy the .com or did someone see this and think Jump Rope is a killer brand name and got the .com. Did this guy get the .com I hope so, go big or stay home, or stay home and GO BIG!!!

  11. Thanks to the lady expecting her second who asked the question about time! That is my question now that I have little kids. I think his answer about self-awareness, ambition etc is key. It's all about knowing what you want out of your efforts and being realistic about what result can be expected from x, y, z amount of effort.

  12. So my answer to your question is that I am aiming to use my influence to raise the collective vibration of humanity. Plain and simple I want to lift the frequency of our species to the energy of peace, love, and happiness. I believe that this is the next level of the evolution of consciousness. This is at the core of all of the content that I create as well as your content which is centered around kindness, gratitude, and empathy.

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