Business Tips: Coffee & Commerce Episode 22: Gary and Zubin!

Business Tips: Coffee & Commerce Episode 22: Gary and Zubin!

Awesome Tip: Coffee & Commerce Episode 22: Gary and Zubin!

Super excited for you to join us on another episode of Coffee & Commerce!

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30 Replies to “Business Tips: Coffee & Commerce Episode 22: Gary and Zubin!”

  1. haven't read the comment but if esther lamb can see this or gary… is there a way for her to have the audio directly impact the video quality. example use lower sound system and while on zoom or vid is out of focus transition to the audio system she is selling and the vid would come into focus (the sounds would also be noticeable) just a thought.

  2. Gary, if the news can show war and blowing up people on my TV at dinner time, you can be as potty mouth as you like! Colourful language is a sign of intellect and you say it in your exuberance! Keep being the wonderful you that you are❤️

  3. This is bullying and discrimination of cyber bully to damage and damaging my profile image…my god this kind of people is not a Human it's a devil to spreads and spreading violations and violence me against to my gender identity and against to my Human rights..

  4. Hi Gary! I am always super excited to see you and your vids and how you share your knowledge. Found you and subscribed to your channel ! I want to go live chat someday soon with you. Thank you for inspiring! I have been posting vids for many years, but only the past week just learning how to SEO and express myself, my passion, and get out of my shell of anxiety to video myself. Introvert mom of 4 sons (2 autistic) enjoying making youtube friends who inspire me, while trying to grow my channel (importance of dog therapy music to save pups lives &humans lives). I experienced seeing puppy abuse and trauma death of a puppy as a child and my passion is to let people know /learn to do better when raising animals/dogs. Much love and power to you!

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