Business Tips: Coffee & Commerce Episode 25

Business Tips: Coffee & Commerce Episode 25

Awesome Tip: Coffee & Commerce Episode 25

Super excited for you to join us on another episode of Coffee & Commerce!

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22 Replies to “Business Tips: Coffee & Commerce Episode 25”

  1. I think I'm stuck. I put out content. I'm starting to go heavy on our YouTube Content. I am in the industrial automation industry. And I feel my language lacks my education. Aka I can know how to do a ton in our industry but conveying it to the world in a educated manner is this issue. Slight Example: "Plug it into the thing" The tech term: "Plug the Rj-45 cable into WLAN Phoenix module".

  2. (ATTENTION ARTIST —ARTIST QUESTION)Gary are you into beta level programs going in the market soon? I’m trying to implement my art into the gaming crypto world ….dude earn to play could be a game changer ( haha get it ) in the world ….solve so much with the homeless ….it’ll be allot like READY PLAYERONE. … but the way I understand the market now …. even if its a reality” AR VR tech ….its going to be a huge wave either way ….and for that reason IM ALL IN ……BUT INVEST IN MY OWN NFT.S ………………..I know Gary wont read this but if your a artist this is the move to make ….. its a no brained if your a free lance artist like me …… its do or die for my kind….. the biggest gamble ever but the biggest yields #ARTLIFE

  3. Great video GaryVee
    I have been Day Trading for over 5 years now it is definitely an emotional game always have to work on yourself inside and outside of the markets.
    Anybody reading this I also make videos on Psychology, emotions and trade live on Fridays feel free to check me out!!

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