Business Tips: Doing What You Love vs. What You're Good At

Business Tips: Doing What You Love vs. What You're Good At

Awesome Tip: Doing What You Love vs. What You're Good At

Gary Vaynerchuk builds businesses. Fresh out of college he took his family wine business and grew it from a $3M to a $60M business in just five years. Now he runs VaynerMedia, one of the world’s hottest digital agencies. Along the way he became a prolific angel investor and venture capitalist, investing in companies like Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr, Uber, and Birchbox before eventually co-founding VaynerRSE, a $25M angel fund.

The #AskGaryVee Show is Gary’s way of providing as much value value as possible by taking your questions about social media, entrepreneurship, startups, and family businesses and giving you his answers based on a lifetime of building successful, multi-million dollar companies.

Gary is also a prolific public speaker, delivering keynotes at events like Le Web, and SXSW, which you can watch right here on this channel.

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43 Replies to “Business Tips: Doing What You Love vs. What You're Good At”

  1. Gary-I hope you are reading this-You are so absolutely amazing!you give so much to me-all for free.what you say really keeps me going.thank you so so much for all the content you put out don't know how much of what you say really changes the way I think and actions I take.i mean it.thank you brother!

  2. Great point. That whole "do what you love" thing is what I hear rich people say after the fact. The truth is when you have to pay the rent with your passion, you may not love it anymore. My strategy is to do what I'm good at to finance my passion. That way, I keep it fresh. And if I make a bunch of dough, awesome.

  3. I Just figured out who you are Gary like a week ago, and dam i saw more than 50 videos of you and still going, you are really inspiring, like i wouldn't even comment on this unless i knew that you actually read the comments and interact with your fans/followers or whatever you wanna call those who continuously watch your videos to pump themselves up towards what they want to do. keep up the good work.

  4. I thought the only way to be really good at something was to love it? Steve jobs said it pretty well in a speech.

    He said something like you have to be passionate and love what you do because if you don't, you won't put up with the bullshit that comes with it

  5. Doing what you love vs. doing what you're good at can define whether or not you have a "Successful Brand". I recently wrote a paper on wine branding as part of my WSET Diploma studies in which I address the topic of "Successful Brands." ALL of the books and online articles on the subject defined "successful" solely in terms of billions of dollars revenue and global market share. Yet I know successful family-owned wineries who have an entirely different goal – they want to produce estate only wines and have a dedicated loyal consumer base with whom they have a communal connection. They have achieved their goal and thus they are successful even though they only produce about 10,000 cases per year and 95% of their sales are to local consumers and restaurants. If they were any bigger they would no longer be a family-run business but would become a business-run family and would no longer be doing what they love.

  6. It's worth noting that if you do what you love doing, then you will get better at it. You're absolutely right with the example – they might never make an elite sportsman/woman if they start out not good, but for most professions doing it with a passion to get better and to enjoy every minute usually gets someone into the top 10% at least of their profession.

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