Business Tips: Dreams Need to Make You Happy, Not Wealthy | Tea With GaryVee

Business Tips: Dreams Need to Make You Happy, Not Wealthy | Tea With GaryVee

Awesome Tip: Dreams Need to Make You Happy, Not Wealthy | Tea With GaryVee

Tea With GaryVee is a Q&A show where Gary answers questions in a much more detailed, slower format. He gets deep! In this episode, Gary answers questions on transitioning into tech, Growing on more platforms, Feeling burned out, and more! For a chance to be on the show, text your question and number to 1-212-931-5731, or if you’re international tweet your question with the hashtag #teawithgaryvee… Enjoy!

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  1. So I'm wondering if the same advice would apply to me as to the Home Care guys: FACEBOOKFACEBOOKFACEBOOK… I have a jewelry store in midcoast Maine. It's a one man shop. I bought it from my dad when he retired in 2016. It has a 35 year track record. I'm wondering where do I go to market the business… I have a small facebook following, and even smaller instagram. How do I draw attention? I have never spent time doing marketing of any sort.

  2. The fact is you either care about the positive AND the negative feedback, or you don't care about neither of those.
    For too long I thought that I care only about the positive and uplifting feedback, but they are both sides of the same coin. First I must be happy about my performance, then goes anything else.

  3. Yes, appreciate the compliment, be thankful for it and move on (don't dwell on it). In a similar fashion, don't dwell on criticism, reflect on the comment, if it is objective then take some learning from it – and move on.

  4. Something that has stuck with me for I think over 20 years. I watched an interview with John Cusack. He was asked how he was able to handle all the complimants regarding his acting and still remain what seems to be decent and kind. He was thankful for the compliment and this was his response and I beleive it was over 20 years ago, "I don't hear the positive comments. If I would, I would have to hear the negitive ones."

  5. This is so true. I went to school for 7 years to become a foot specialist and opened my own clinic. About 6 months after, I had a panic attack at my clinic and realized I wanted to do some more with my life even though I was making amazing money. That's why I started my YouTube channel and I hope to one day inspire people to go after their dreams no matter what other people think and do whatever makes them happy <3

  6. Sarah – with COVID what you can do right now is make a documentary about native american's, sell it to Netflix or another home video subscription service. That's how you travel within your home.
    Shavaughn – the main goal right now should be addressing the anxiety, overcome that and it will solve 99% of your problems.

  7. im an aspiring artist, and i really liked that the guy at the end came in.. he came a long way but still knows that he has much more to go and is trying to get to that point. im still trying to get to the point that he is in now. so, it was helpful to hear the advices and critiques on his journey to get to where he is now and also advice that i can work on now to get where he wants to be!

    hope everyone is doing their best!

  8. True Damn Story!!! #tripledigithinter came from a hard road, learning, failing, and sobriety. #surfman374 it’s about being humble and say’n sorry when you should… #gatorgripphd true true true The past sucked, the past wasn’t fun, the past hurt. But the future rocks when you realize your only as good as your boat work. Humans care and have heart. True this session is deep! Negative vibe sucks! Why I tried to end my life three times. It was hell and I had to do something about. Legacy rocks! Branding Rocks! Positive advice, and Feedback love #teawithgadyvee good bless the outdoors, and freedom! Fresh air

  9. Have you ever wished that you had a time machine so you could go back and jump into something that would of made you successful, rich, and happy? Well it's staring you right at your face. The time machine is Gary Vee and he's telling you to jump in now, because you're going to say, "I wish I would of jumped into my dream/passion." again in a few years later.

  10. Gary Vee is the real deal! I took his advice regarding documenting over creating and I shared a video on my channel about how giving back actually made me feel more fulfilled with my business despite these last few weeks being the most profitable to date. Just goes to show dreams do indeed have to make you happy, not wealthy!

  11. Who among you guys, thinks that Gary is a very amazing man? Whoahh i really love this channel, thanks to him I'm inspired to create my own channel and support him more and more, you guys should click my icon and subscribe to me. I really love your content Gary

  12. Just watched this and speaking to expanding the Native American educational tourism, has Sara thought about reaching out or focusing advertising to sites or customers from sites like 23 & me or
    I feel like in the past few years with people finding out more about their heritage, there could be an untapped market of people that want to learn more about where they are from. I just recently found out that I am Oneida Indian. My mom was adopted & grew up thinking we were Latin American. My mom passed several years ago & I took the test last year & was matched with a few very close relatives & found out she was 100% Oneida Indian & has 11 siblings! Just a thought, i feel like I’m probably not the only person my age in this situation that may want to know more about where they came from. Interesting thought…..

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