Business Tips: How To Stay Motivated

Business Tips: How To Stay Motivated

Awesome Tip: How To Stay Motivated


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35 Replies to “Business Tips: How To Stay Motivated”

  1. I disagree because if you look at what you have then you will be content with your life, and if you are content then you don't need to change anything in your life so how are you going to push forward? once you start just remember why you started and how bad is it that you want to be there thats my answer.

  2. GARY AND TEAM! ((Question))
    I work for American Airlines and can travel around the world for dirt cheap! I have the entrepreneurial spirit but haven't found my passion yet. I want to use the benefits to start a business. I can vlog about traveling but I rather sell products then a service like travel tips… I can use some guidance.
    Thanks homie.

  3. When I was in the military, I felt highly motivated. I design games and during that period of time I worked very hard on my concepts for tireless hours. Now I can't seem to push myself into designing for more than a few hours. It feels like I'm spinning my tires and I just give myself excuses to sleep in and not progress. Like I have the keys to the Lamborghini but only sit in it to listen to the radio. So many years of design, so many years of studying my craft and now I can't even activate myself to finish the job, albeit an enormous job that will take many days of collaboration.

    Why can't I return to that child like state of wonder and just do it

  4. I've used to be unmotivated and lived a dull lifestyle. Everything around seemed so dull and worthless, until I've started digging deep inside and exploring the problems I've already had. Once I've started changing myself, the whole environment around me started changing with me, I've started meeting interesting people, achieving different goals, gaining confidence and learning how to start loving myself and life in general. Although I've used to hate fitness, since I was very overweight, I've decided to do something I don't really enjoy until it became a habit of me and then progressed into my passion. If you don't like something in your life, but you know if you did it, it would be really beneficial for you, try to come out of your comfort zone and tackle that thing as frequently as you can, until it becomes a habit of yours. You will discover life on a new spectrum. Stay focused and motivated people!

  5. As bad as i try talking to people, selling my music, and getting better at boxing, and learning and implementing changes in routines and habits, I haven't made a dollar off of anything I've made, and I've been making beats for 7 years, I only had one fight my whole 4 years of amateur career and lost. I need a new brain, I hate this disabled, poisoned, desensitized, government cow slave conditioned shit.

  6. at peaks of potential being a music producer, I didn't have a lot of food to eat, just stealin food from Wawa, staying up all night making beats sleepin on my friends floor. I should've documented the whole thing, but I always told myself "I can be myself here, and if I died right now I would be happy because I'm able to do my music." wasn't really good at it, and I ended up "looking my mind" talking to myself, didn't interact with humans much, but I had this goal to just be as comfortable in front of people as I am without them being around. that was like one of the most important things to me, plus, understanding who I am and why Im here. but now, after going through jail and pip twice, loosing jobs, family, likes, now crashing at my grandma's floor, but just feel like an old man. idk how else yo explain it. I feel like im living the opposite of who I am. mostly just wuna leave my body, wondering the exact opposite of what Gary said. why do I have to be me? I'd rather be a "basketball". naturally I feel uncomfortable, and I only get strikes of motivation or inspiration waves that don't last long at all.. and i have not a clue how i even go to boxing training every day, i feel like a fucking weak heavy unattractive walking blob of meat. and it's not like I don't take cold showers (continued after the 30 day challenge) and aren't doing the no fap challenge. the simplest tasks like pluging in the computer monitor and turning on the computer is like going through bootcamp. I feel like I've lost all my skills and with time, I grew out of myself and into just something I'm not rooted to, completely new, and just apathetic, depressed, etc.

  7. Gary I badly need your advice. I was frauded out of my facebook fanpage that has 1,000,000 likes. Its a Spanish literature page. I was selling it for 6,000 USD and the guy scammed the escrow service and disappeared with admin rights to my page. How the fuck do I get it back? He left me in financial shit, I have his real identity.

  8. I'm a 22 year old, College drop-out, Living with parents, with no job, and I don't want a dead end retail job. I can't find a career I like and there is nothing I'm passionate about. I've been looking for years. I'm afraid to do any travel, over fear that I can't supply for a family in the future, and the fear that I will achieve nothing in my life. I stopped climbing my ladder(College success) because I figured out it was against the wrong wall(course). Now I don't have a wall or a ladder. What I want is to be passionate about something, so I would like to hear what people can advice. I would be surprised if someone told me something I didn't hear before, but I appreciate any input.

  9. I have an important question I need help with. I'm a Morman and so are my mom and dad. I have this friend at school but he has two dads that are gay. I want to hang out with him but my mom and dad won't let me do what should I do?????

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