Business Tips: Jason Calacanis, How to Monetize Your Personal Brand & Future Of Employment | #AskGaryVee 233

Business Tips: Jason Calacanis, How to Monetize Your Personal Brand & Future Of Employment | #AskGaryVee 233

Awesome Tip: Jason Calacanis, How to Monetize Your Personal Brand & Future Of Employment | #AskGaryVee 233

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22:49 – What do you think is the future of employment, now that we have robotics and AI and what are your solutions if in fact we see a lot of jobs go away? How would you solve the problem of a society with 20% less jobs available? Which would increase unemployment. What if we lived in a world where majority of the people couldnt find a job and only half the people were employed? How would you solve for this in a creative way?

3:37 – I am on the app and have a following of over 600,000 people. I am one of four reps that live in New York City. What should I do next?
7:45 – What’s your career advice to DRock and how he can progress his career?
9:58 – Being truly self-aware, I know that one of my best talents is the energy I bring to the table. How do you harness an emotion that comes through the energy I develop and share with other people? How can I monetize that online?
15:40- Aside from patience and thinking about the long game, what are some things that someone like me should be doing to grow his audience?
19:26 – How do you deal with the top performer in your business that generates a ton of business but is toxic to your company culture?

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  1. im a tremendous hustler not cars but i was deep in the hustle game as a kid now im thirty need to get back in the hustle game on the legit side, i dont have a product , i make music working at that but need to make money, im a good salesman,,,,love your content,,anything i can do ill come work anywhere man im single debt free can move anywhere yo zuzuzuzuzuzu!!!!!!!!!

  2. I sold cars over 15 years ago back home for a couple years and NOW, I'm 100% confident that I could go back to that same dealership (if it still exits b/c we all know where THAT industry is going) and be the #1 salesman in the dealership within 3 months. Period.

  3. if there was a cryptocurrency taskrabbit for anyything by anyone.. thatd be interesting. micro payment structures could be designed by the big companies for people to get paid by minute on jobs and projects for the company or individuals. fulfillment would feel like video game play. [go to (address) for perimeter clean up. 3hr potential. .025bc/min]

  4. I think that a law should be put in place, where a company hires the owners of the automated bots to work for the company, with wages being made that will give the owner a source of income.

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