I really hope that the quick explanation that I give in this DailyVee on the difference between having a positive mindset and having a negative mindset helps you get some more insight on how I look at things. The people that are around me all that choose positivity have such a better outlook on life than the people that choose negativity. Having a positive mindset can fuel your life and give you energy and motivation to be more successful – positivity will ALWAYS win.

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30 Replies to “Business Tips: POSITIVITY ALWAYS WINS! | DAILYVEE 293”

  1. You do know that there is a cure for crohns disease… And that Lewis Howes is friends with a person(drew canole) that knows the daughter (charlotte Gerson) of the greatest doctor in the history of medicine… Dr.Max Gerson…. HE also found the cure for cancer a million years ago. … And yet nooobody including Lewis Howes and yall seems to understand this simple fact. The pharmaceutical companies will not make a ton of money if people knew how to cure crohns cancer because they cant patent the Gerson Therapy thats why. Also I am a huge fan of yours! Hope this was helpful. Hugs

  2. Aha moment, you can be the best at what ever you do, best doctor, athlete, teacher, firefighter, does not matter, if you are the best great. But you will be remember as an A**hole if you are not kind and positive. I much rather hang with a positive, encouraging, kind person, than the best person that is rude, negative and brings you down. Great video Mr. Vaynerchuck.

  3. Gary is the true GOAT. "I don't want your money" – this is the difference between Gary and the rest of 10000's of internet entrepreneurs. Everyone else wants you to buy their program or ect. Gary out here spreading the knowledge and good vibes 100% for free! THANK YOU GARY! I showed this to my girlfriend as we are working on being positive together.

  4. Gary. I watched your videos regularly, i was so on track, working out and doing my job great, then I got into this rut again. I am so unmotivated and I guess I have been letting life get me down a little. I just watched this video ( first Gary V video in a while )and when you brought light to the macro vs. the micro, something clicked in my head like a robot and I realized I really enjoy and learn from you. Ill be getting my motivation in the early mornings with you Gary for sure. I want to be a huge success with my music and expand from there, movies,etc. I know I can make it happen. Thanks for everything you do . Wish I could say something different than the other 1000,s of comments you've read, but thank you and I love your message man. One day I feel like I am going to meet you. Till then, utmost gratitude and great vibrations. Thanks and peace from Chris G

  5. Dear Gary,
       I'm a 19 year old, in college and the patience at the macro level is tough for me cause I truly have no idea where I want to be. I have really started thinking over the past month or so about my career opportunities so I can set myself up in the long-term. The problem with me is I am ADHD and picking a job that I have a passion in has to be the key, I just do not know where to find it.

    Any advice or guidance for me and other ADHD people out there? 

    I hate when I bring up I am ADHD to my professor because they treat me differently to others and in no way am I trying to do this in the workplace, I just think for me and people like me, the job path I should take is even bigger of a choice.

    Thanks a lot,

  6. winners focus on winning and losers focus on winners or other losers. When you are focused on winning you don't get fazed by any negativity because you are staying on course. If someone comes at you with some bullshit, you see it but don't acknowledge it because you are already working on the solution. 🙂 -Justin_Celis

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