Business Tips: Tea with GaryVee 023 – Monday 9:00am ET | 4-27-2020

Business Tips: Tea with GaryVee 023 – Monday 9:00am ET | 4-27-2020

Awesome Tip: Tea with GaryVee 023 – Monday 9:00am ET | 4-27-2020

Can’t wait to join you guys at 9:00 a.m. ET 🙂

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19 Replies to “Business Tips: Tea with GaryVee 023 – Monday 9:00am ET | 4-27-2020”

  1. I hope Gary extracts the restaurant segment. I've watched that section three times now. Our owner (though retired from the business) is like Gary but without the cursing. I showed this to him and he agreed. A few months back he started a monthly meeting with his management team with the hopes of turning things around. His attitude was "you can never sit and expect things to always stay the same. Always prepare for the future." I summed it up to Innovate or die.

  2. Loving this morning podcast. These individual scenarios are often very relatable. Gary’s advice is always solid and comes from an honest place. It’s helped me grow my surf/skateboarding channel immensely. I’m enjoying the stages of playing in the dirt very much!

  3. 1:27 – Martial Arts / Building an online brand and dealing with similar bigger accounts
    10:22 – Being overwhelmed and keeping up with all the social media platforms
    17:01 – Graduate / Balancing all possible careers and jobs
    23:15 – Advice for restaurants during this time
    31:42 – Tik Tok $$ Success / Which other platforms to use?
    37:26 – How to develop self awareness?
    42:45 – Mom / Exposing your kids to different things while in quarantine
    45:28 – Being overworked and burnt out at your job/life and keeping your side hustle motivation
    55:54 – Beauty Industry / Dealing with audience expectations and shifting your brand image
    1:03:44 – Farmer / Feeling isolated and creating a community / When to launch a company and monetize your audience

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