Business Tips: Tea with GaryVee | April 20, 2020

Business Tips: Tea with GaryVee | April 20, 2020

Awesome Tip: Tea with GaryVee | April 20, 2020

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  1. I think the gentleman with the family from Iraq, is getting yes man hate, from the older guys he looks up to because they see how much value he is bringing but fail to realize the amount of cheddar the singular business is contributing to his over all business bottom line. Really enjoyed his story.

  2. Gary, a lot of respect for telling that guy to reach out to your team to help him with Facebook lockout. Getting banned/locked out of big e-com infrastructure for unjustified reasons is a real issue these days (Adwords, Paypal, Facebook Ads, Amazon FBA, etc…)

  3. Everyone has a inborn talent, don't waste it during this lockdown pandemic . I restarted my channel February when the pandemic blooming followed Gary's tips giving value to others channel. My CraftArtPaper struggling to reach 56 sub but after 2 months giving appreciation to others videos my channel bloom to 372 sub. If I can do it, you can too. Don’t rush, it's a marathon. DON'T LET IDEAS GO TO TRASH!

  4. 1:39:29 … this is totally ME. Only, I feel pressure to make more money (fast) so I can get my little family out of an apartment and into a home with a backyard because our friends have homes with backyards. I've given up on creative passions (things I'm good and decent at) in favor of things that are harder for me (dare I say 'boring') so that I can make better money.

  5. What you 2:04 about production value was legit. Happens in football. A college coach see's a kid with speed, he thinks "I can teach him how to run routes." Conversely, if they see a kid who runs great routes already, without as much speed, they will say "I can't teach him anything," and they will pass.

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