Business Tips: The Fastest Way to Achieve Happiness and Gain Control of Your Life

Business Tips: The Fastest Way to Achieve Happiness and Gain Control of Your Life

Awesome Tip: The Fastest Way to Achieve Happiness and Gain Control of Your Life

You need to have the conversation with your parents and let them know that this is your life. You can’t fear the short-term repercussions in exchange for hating the rest of your life and resenting your parents. You have to rip the band-aid off and move on.

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29 Replies to “Business Tips: The Fastest Way to Achieve Happiness and Gain Control of Your Life”

  1. I'm 23 And I Am Fucking mad at myself because i get on my feet (3.times now) but then i fall off. Had many jobs i just end up disliking them. Now I'm back at home with my Pops and he claims he wants to build me and calls me weak. I'm just like " FUCK YOU … UR THE FUCKING VOICE IN MY HEAD THAT ECHOES I SHOULD BE" ONE WITH THE FAMILY AND WE ARE A TRIBE OF HUNTERS AND GATHERERS"… Fuck that shit it's only about money with you u push the mask of positivity but he just wants control and authority over someone. I see this happend to my lil bros and i just enlighten them and pops gets mad because it questions his ways. I cant wait to getup there but man… I keep fallin i want to get up there and be the safe haven for my little bros. Fuck pop's old mindset thats from the bullshit era of Machismo and etc. Bullshit of a man should do this and there are only 3 paths of life… Military… Phd… nobody that goes to jail. I hate that Disgusting ultimatum. Fuck Highschool nothing really applied to the real workforce and The military really the only option my fucking ass.

  2. The best statement I have heard ever: ""Do you know the best way to solve dissapoiment is?? …… SUCCESS""". Just to hear that phrase is worth this video.

    La mejor declaración que he escuchado: "" ¿Sabes cuál es la mejor manera de resolver la decepción? …… ÉXITO """" Solamente por oír esa frase merece la pena este vídeo.

  3. @GaryVee you've ignited the spark I've known I had in my soul my ENTIRE life. I just need to find my niche. My purpose……although I know my "purpose". It's my children—my family. My contribution to this Earth. The question is who and how and when and what. Not why. I know you've felt the same and I love that you are trying to help others do the same. If you think you could have some insight and advice for me I would humbly appreciate it ❤️

  4. Gary, I fucking love you man! I've got comfortable recently, but watching your content completely gives me a mindset shift and I'm ready to change my life.

    I'll get back to you in a year, let's see what's changed.

    Thank you, and keep doing you!

  5. Life kicked the shit out of me. I almost threw in the towel. Then I decided to take my destiny into my own hands. Now I'm working on opening my first ecommerce business. It's risky, it's difficult, it's stressful…. but I have a renewed interest in living life. I'm just about 50. It's never too late!

  6. why is every video that you upload a video that opens up my mind? i cry every time i watch your videos. it's hard finding yourself when your sociopathic parents have decided that their ideal should be thrown down your throat just so THEY are happy and they don't give a fuck about whether you are or not. like… i literally can't move out of my parents house unless I say "screw you" to everyone in my family and start working really hard to have a job and an apartment all to myself. they WILL find me and tell me to come back home so they can torture me again cuz that's what they do. that's their pattern. i had to start young with growing up because i realized my parents are fucking me up mentally ad at the same time i never grew up because i got dependent on them. they say stuff like "you can never move out of here" or "you will never find your true purpose" or "you won't ever earn as much money as you dream to move out of here" or "you don't have the experience to moe out" and that's sad because they never taught me to start being independent. they always said that i would never get out of their house if i continue working part-time. it's fucking hard finding a full-time job in my area but it is really easy to find a job oytside of my area where i live. anf then they say "you can't survive on your own when you live that far away" and "you will come back as soon as you have some trouble" and even worse "you will never achieve anything"… to have emotionally abusive parents who feel entitled to their children and think that they "own" them is fucking hard, man.. getting out of this vicious cycle is fucking hard. but the second I do and i feel the freedom i know i will start to hustle as hard as i can to be wherever i will be.

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