Business Tips: The NFT Bubble: Why 97% of All NFT Art Right Now Is a Bad Investment | "The Outer Realm" Podcast

Business Tips: The NFT Bubble: Why 97% of All NFT Art Right Now Is a Bad Investment | "The Outer Realm" Podcast

Awesome Tip: The NFT Bubble: Why 97% of All NFT Art Right Now Is a Bad Investment | "The Outer Realm" Podcast

There is no doubt in my mind that non-fungible tokens will be a part of our lives for a long time. The problem right now is because it is such a new concept for many, people are rushing in and making large investments without doing the proper research and education. Today’s episode is an interview that I did on the podcast “The Outer Realm“ hosted by Eric Paul Rhodes. We talk about my macro overview of the NFT space, why I believe that I’m going to be involved in it for the rest of my life, and why I believe that 99% of current NFT projects won’t end up as remarkable investments. Enjoy! Let me know what you thought.

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39 Replies to “Business Tips: The NFT Bubble: Why 97% of All NFT Art Right Now Is a Bad Investment | "The Outer Realm" Podcast”

  1. If there is a platform for people to display and interact with there NFT with one another, whether it one on one sharing or like a museum room for people to view and visit your collection, does it sounds like something people might be interested?

  2. Literally this is the worst interviewer I've ever seen , vee is showing his heart and wanted a heartfelt feedback and this fool is stumbling around looking for the right words but can't see literally see past himself.

  3. Recently, I read a newsletter from a friend I respect in cryptocurrency. He said, "Digital art is superior to analog art." Following this reasoning then Beeple's magnum opus is great art. It does not matter that most of Beeple's 5,000 pictures are populace at best while some are racist. Beeple's proficiency in Cinema 4D, Zbrush and Maya serve as substitutes for content and the art world bought it. Though artists have been using digital means to create art for 30 years much of what results is materially based and thus isn't novel. Forget painting and drawing. Sorry Neo and Jasper, you're old hat. Conceptual art? What's that? Digital art is the new kid on the block. NFT's are cutting edge. Philip Guston is canceled. I am reminded of an admonition by Donald Judd, "The problem with artists today is that they treat art history like it were a toy box." The auction house has propped up digital art as the Second Coming. Hype generates money. It's nothing new. Hans Haacke is laughing. Once the art world comes to its senses it will realize that digital art is simply a vehicle like any other. All great art has great content.

  4. Lamelo is the safest long-term bet that you can make now. All he has to do is avoid major injuries for a couple of years and you'll see the same type of trajectory that Luka had in terms of prices. The Prizm DP Crusade Refractors for $20-$50 are a STEAL!!

  5. 9:29 what is the "homework"/ workflow / analysis that you do to give you the insights into the companies or projects ? like is it a financial statements analysis ? popularity / cultual impact ? usefulness ? or a combination of multiple factors and what factors do you look for ?

  6. NFT 's are here for the long run. Ethereum and Bitcoin are the future of finance. NFT will hold value as long as people keep buying crypto! I have made over $50k on NFT's. Just do your research and invest in projects you believe. Check sites like opensea and nba top shot. Elon musk praised the technology too! Don't sleep on NFT's!

  7. Something really interesting what said on this interview and it was ignore by most. The NFT projects that will be successful in this space will be those with IP licenses. Why buy a collectible right now that will not hold its value or popularity in the feature, most of them might go down 90-99% in the next crash, but the ones that will survive are those with IPs. Hint: ECOMI and the VeVe app.

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