Business Tips: The One Thing You Need to Know Before You Turn 28 | Calling a Fan From Facebook

Business Tips: The One Thing You Need to Know Before You Turn 28 | Calling a Fan From Facebook

Awesome Tip: The One Thing You Need to Know Before You Turn 28 | Calling a Fan From Facebook

Obviously this was a loaded question/situation, but I really want to put emphasis on the fact that being 28 years old means that you still have 60 more years of execution. So many people think that 28 is a good time to start playing it safe by buying a house, getting married, and settling down, when in actuality, you have so much time! Don’t look at other people to get bearings on where you are in your life. Everyone has their own clock.

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Gary Vaynerchuk is a serial entrepreneur and the CEO and founder of VaynerMedia, a full-service digital agency servicing Fortune 500 clients across the company’s 4 locations. Gary is also a prolific public speaker, venture capitalist, 5-time New York Times Bestselling Author, and has been named to both Crain’s and Fortune’s 40 Under 40 lists.

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39 Replies to “Business Tips: The One Thing You Need to Know Before You Turn 28 | Calling a Fan From Facebook”

  1. I am 29 going on 30 in a couple months and this hit home hard. I went to school and got the 9-5 job from two different companies with all the Bells and whistles with good pay even. But there is not a day that i dont say to myself "What the hell am i doing? There has got to be something, that is a better use of my time" To most it would seem i have my life together but honestly i dont and i get miserable as hell. Being in my late 20s after coming to terms with all this has left me panicking and screwed up. Gary really has made me realize that there is no timeline for anything, there is always time to change and i simply need do whats right by me.

  2. I’m turning 28, still studying and unemployed.. my parents always make me realise and throw me down everyday that I’m too old and of no worth. Wish they were as sensitive as you. Thank u Gary! We need more people like you..

  3. I'm 28 & it's hard not to compare myself to people my age or younger, or to think that I've wasted so much of my life. But I've already lost 45 pounds this year, I'm getting healthy, this fall I'm going back to school, I'm moving to a new city in a new state. I'm really hoping this is just the beginning for me.

  4. This Video helped me so much cause I am 28 married with 3 kids and am realizing now that it is ok that I have my family established and not a business of my own. I still can hustle to make a business still and have plenty of time to execute. Even with 80 thousand in student and mortgage debt.

  5. I'm 28, just graduated college last year (2017) and that anxiety of "oh I don't have my dream job" "I don't have this" or that has been eating my fucking lunch mentally! Been struggling with humbling myself and being happy so I certainly appreciate this video.

  6. Tnx a lot.. You just turned around my perspective to look at my age.. Honestly it was the one thing that stopping me on pursuing my dream.. Now im feeling on moving forward than ever instead of dwelling on things and literally adding to the time that i already wasted.. Tnx a lot.. Bless you and much love…

  7. great video for me ,even i m 26+ m pursuing my graduation so late due to family health issue still i m happy and find a way true whole life is left and we can change it , others life"s & achievment has nothing to do with us .

  8. Hi Gary! I've been having a high anxiety month, but still executing on my vision to the best of my ability. This video and your video yesterday on LinkedIn for 23 year olds really helped me fight my morning anxiety and get up and get at it! I am 28 BTW 🙂

  9. I’m 27 and lately I’ve felt super depressed because I’m still in school and working two part time jones still tryna figure out what I wanna do with my life. This was helpful but reading the comments and knowing there are other 27-30 year olds in the same situation I’m in was even more helpful. Is it a coincidence so many musicians died at the age of 27? Probably not. Think about it. They’re in the same bot we’re in except they climbed the mountain, they achieved everything they ever wanted to and still felt empty, lonely, and depressed after. It just goes to show that age is just a number. It doesn’t define your life. And that riches, fame, and success don’t define your life either. You define what happiness means to your life. The ultimate goal for everyone should be happiness without the anxiety or stress of what other people are doing and where they are in their journey.

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