Business Tips: This Will Help You Find Your Self-Worth | Tea With GaryVee

Business Tips: This Will Help You Find Your Self-Worth | Tea With GaryVee

Awesome Tip: This Will Help You Find Your Self-Worth | Tea With GaryVee

Tea With GaryVee is a Q&A show where I answer questions in a much more detailed, slower format. We get deep! This episode covers a really important topic around finding your self-worth, The last call is a long one and really important for all of you to watch all the way through. For a chance to be on, text your question and number to 1-212-931-5731, or if you’re international tweet your question with the hashtag #teawithgaryvee…Enjoy!

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  1. Very important to find your self-worth. drown out negative comments and go get what life has in store for you. On my channel I also have tips to know if people care about you

  2. Its crazy, because this man may have saved my life. I was extremely anxious, depressed, and in a toxic relationship. I had no drive in life whatsoever. I hated my job and if I'm being honest, I hated myself. I started watching Gary vee videos and slowly starting making changes. I got out of the toxic relationship and decided to move to a different state. I slowly starting working on my mental health every single day. Now I have my own youtube channel and I'm going after my dreams. I know he might not see this message, but I am so thankful for you Gary vaynerchuck. You inspire me to keep going even when I feel like I'm having no growth with my channel. When I am at my lowest mentally I turn on a gary vee video and I get back to the grind. My dream is to meet you one day and have a real conversation. Thanks for all you do!

  3. My Manifesto

    Legit the conversation with Dee was making me tear up and helped get out so many emotions because I feel like I forgot to cry.

    I'm on disability too for about 5 different mental health diagnoses. I often listen to the advice that one should be working 10, 12, 15 hours per day. I even think people like Gary would tell me I need to work more and that I'm just making excuses. This pressure just makes me burn out so fast and end up spending no time working/tasting new shit.

    When I'm on my game I can work 2-4 hours per day 7 days per week. Meaning when I know I'm going my own pace that's about all I can mentally handle before the stress starts weighing me down. But I've just always felt like because I'm on disability and don't have a job that I should be putting in that 8-9+ hours per day.

    You know, it's sad but I just thought of for the first time since ever going on disability 2 years ago that I don't have a 9to5 because I'm not able to handle one. Sure, working on a side-hustle I can control the hours which is vital to me because I get in moods and sleep can be up and down. It still doesn't mean I can put in the 8-9 hours a day.

    Growing up there's just been so much push against people on disability saying they're lazy and they should just get a job and they're just making excuses not to work and are babies. This mindset embarrasses me to be on disability and almost since day 1 of going on it I've been working my ass off trying out new side hustles to get off it as soon as possible vs working on eating and sleeping better (thankfully I love my cardio). My sleeping is great when I'm in the zone on my game and honest with myself. So, it's really just the eating enough mianly.

    I've hired a nutritionist for 1 month who helped me create a meal plan meeting my macro-nutrients recommendations to a T for going from 135 – 150 pounds. After 8 years of living on my own I finally made a meal plan that is so fuckin' healthy with a bit of snacks that I can 100% work towards eventually eating every day. A lot of the food can be cooked different ways too like pasta. He also put together a workout routine for me using resistance bands and gave some tricks I can use if I feel I can't meet my meal plan goals each day like doubling up on 1 meal and starting my day out right.

    I've said to my fiance a few times in the past year that I've fuckin' made it when I'm in my zone working 2-4 hours a day and happy as fuck. Even when my eating isn't the greatest but still trying my best and still feel happy as fuck.

    I think it's time to stop consuming as much Gary Vee content as he suggests us to do and work on becoming more self aware through meditation/journalling/just laying on the couch being/listening to music etc. vs continuing to consume content that just throws my ADHD/OCD brain all fucking over the place.

    I still will continue to consume him obviously for positivety and keep me on track. But I'll start questioning "is this the best advice for me or does this apply to other people in different situations than mine".

    This honestly is a huge relief. I'm still feeling very emotional with how much this hit home with me. There's been 2 other Gary Vee videos I've bookmarked to try and watch often to remind myself to think whatever mindset…but, I 100% feel like this is the video I've been waiting for and really feel deep down that playing this every day even taking priority over tea with gary vee will help me immensely.

    I'm going to go make something to fucking eat cause it's what matters the most in the now and that's all that really should matter, the now.


    Love you Gary & the community!

  4. I finally did the TikTok jump a few weeks ago too. I started out with cat videos but got bored fast. Now I found a particular mobile game I play and am loving it. Every video I post gets above 1k views & gain around 10-30 followers. Haven't been taking too seriously, but found a great concept for a video that I can create a new one as many times as I want. Now going to explore my niche which I haven't even done yet (eek!) and find more repeatable video concepts. Great tip on only changing things up when you plateau.

  5. Express your life out loud. Being quiet about your own life while entertaining bullshit leaves the worst after smell. Trying to get rid of it is not easy because it becomes part of you simulated environment. We all know everybody cant smell the same shit!

  6. 40:00 girl you are getting killer advice from Gary and you are resisting it. It is very clear that you sabotage yourself. Do what he says. Just do what he says. Even if it is not comfortable.

  7. I listen to as much positivity as i can because i have invested so much time into thinking negatively and being self-critical that i have programmed my subconscious thoughts and core beliefs to be a certain way. I hope most people realize that our thoughts influence our reality… I know for me personally I need to obsess on positivity and optimism in order to rewire my brain. My goal is to get my subconscious thoughts to align with self love so that I can be the best version of myself.. life is a journey and we are all on this journey together. We are all at different stages or levels of life. Many of us have been through things in life that have hurt us but we have become stronger because of them. I believe we all have something to offer… one of the most empowering things I realized not too long ago is that we all have our own life experiences and nobody can take those away from us… sometimes we are teachers and sometimes we are students but really we are all here on this planet and we can all help support and encourage each other to be better. #bethechange #thepositivechange

  8. If she is on disability and dialysis and needs the healthcare she is getting it must be nerve racking for her to think about trying to make money and put all that at great risk. I feel so bad for that she is talented and should be paid.

  9. I LOVE THIS! Feli was bringing such great questions!
    I absolutely love when people say i will try to do this or that how Gray always say " I BELIEVE YOU. " I think this is Everything!

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