Business Tips: When I Lose, I Know That I Deserve It | DailyVee 380

Business Tips: When I Lose, I Know That I Deserve It | DailyVee 380

Awesome Tip: When I Lose, I Know That I Deserve It | DailyVee 380

Absolutely loved the dinner meeting I had with Anik Khan and Hasan Minhaj tonight. If you have any interest in understanding the best content strategy for rappers, the truth behind social media exposing people, and how I play “the game”, you have to watch this video.

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45 Replies to “Business Tips: When I Lose, I Know That I Deserve It | DailyVee 380”

  1. The Twitch part is powerful. While I didn't have bully issues or anything like that, where I live/I'm from I didn't have people that I could truly relate to. My friends from HS just didn't have as specific interests as me, so I never felt the need to connect deeper with them. But I have people I've met while on YT & what not who I can relate to DEEPER…and this wasn't/wouldn't be possible w/o the evolution of the internet

  2. Absolutely LOVE every one of these videos Gary, I'm an independent artist and I'm eating this content up like a Thanksgiving dinner haha I really appreciate all of these videos and everything else you do, you probably didn't see but I hit up your website the other day just to say the same shit haha THANK YOU!

  3. @GaryVee

    That was a lit convo. This whole idea about "This is what you SHOULD be doing." is interesting.

    The idea bout how you should be writing on paper rather than on your phone, is a mindset of yesterday. The mindset you SHOULD have, is one that is completely open. Some kid sitting on their phone could be working on a project that will change the whole fucking world. Just because its a pen and paper, doesn't mean its being more productive. You can draw pictures and shit on paper cant you?

    My little sister gets roasted by her peers for the time she spends on her phone. I support every second she spends on it. Because she is becoming part of tomorrows society. She is LIVING where the world is going. Therefore she will understand her place in it.

    Gary hits it on the head man. It doesn't matter the platform. Its the content it contains. If you read a note on a piece of paper that changes your life, or you hear it on a podcast. What is the result? The same fuckin thing man.

  4. The pen & paper thing is really just about removing barriers and distractions to achieve deeper focus. Personal preference though. Its important to be honest and self aware about process in order to actually create efficiently (instead of wasting time commenting on youtube instead of working like im doing now)

  5. here is why I love you most man: sitting with brown guys, eating brown food in a avg brown restaurant and feeling super comfortable. No big businessman shit. Real stuff. Immigrant hustle. Colour blind. Only the game.

  6. I love your podcasts and episodes. I appreciate them so much, everytime i watch them (i do it daily) i can take so much input to my life and work so much harder. Even when I´m in a bad mood you have the right words like you spoke them directly to me and am such thankful for that. Love you brother and after i succeed in Germany i will come to America and we will work together 🙂

  7. I think I can take it up with Hasan with being a historian of your content…and this has been one of my absolute favourite episodes of all time I love this kinda shit!! People always want to paint the picture some people are good and some people are bad, I believe we are all both…and being a good person is a privilege!

  8. A reason I like Hasan Minhaj is because he challenges Gary, and doesn't just take what he says and that allows the conversation to get deeper. Yes Yes Yes does nothing for the conversation if you want to say something but respect the person too much to say it, so that was awesome to hear/see. I wanted to hear more of his thoughts about "the medium being on a pedestal" but I get this is dailyvee and not dailyminhaj.

  9. I have to say something.
    I come to this channel exactly because of the reasons stated at 28:00
    When I am watching this video I feel like I am myself having dinner with a group of smart, ambicious people who want to better themselves.
    I do not have that with my group of acquaintances and I feel it is dragging me down so hard.

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