Business Tips: Will We Ever Go "Back to Normal"?

Business Tips: Will We Ever Go "Back to Normal"?

Awesome Tip: Will We Ever Go "Back to Normal"?

People keep wondering whether things will ever go back to “how they were” before 2020 or if life will be forever different. The new normal will have tons of ramifications, what’s the biggest one for you? Call it whatever you want .. the real question is around what new behaviors have been created and what are you gonna do about it? #Shorts

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29 Replies to “Business Tips: Will We Ever Go "Back to Normal"?”

  1. Well, as a videographer, I just hope that we can get to a normal again where it's not such a pain in the a$$ to organise shoots haha. But we have to adapt, of course. Great stuff Gary!

  2. Since the subject of flying is brought up… The issue is energy. You're not going to be flying around because the biggest energy users are more important than you and they need it. Either it's selfish of them and we won't get back to normal until normal people fight back and break up monopolies that are growing out of control… or we're not being told that we're in 5th gen warfare and all this energy is needed to power the A.I. race between the US and China.

  3. Time is changing, so shall we. I think attending meetings online and making it possible for not travelling across countries just to attend one meeting and wasting so much time and cause environmental harm, digitalising most of it can make things much easier and eco-friendly.

  4. I prefer the new normal…all those bloody business meetings and work which could have been done online even years ago and wasnt even necessary just because it became habitual and i hated it. The new normal will be result oriented. It doesnt make difference whether you meet on zoom or in person for most business meeting…You can save so much on commute.

  5. Safe to say Garyvee realized that if he wants to buy* the Jets team that he has to "play by the rules". Youre a sell out Gary Vaynerchuck. Coved has a 98-99% survival rate but you think we need a new normal ? Yea you're full of it.

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