Business Tips: Wyclef, Dealing with Rejection & How to Make it in the Music Industry | #AskGaryVee Episode 212

Business Tips: Wyclef, Dealing with Rejection & How to Make it in the Music Industry | #AskGaryVee Episode 212

Awesome Tip: Wyclef, Dealing with Rejection & How to Make it in the Music Industry | #AskGaryVee Episode 212

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#QOTD: An election is coming up and Bernie started a movement and clearly Bernie’s not going to be the candidate. But, Bernie’s movement has become so strong that it becomes part of America’s youth moving forward movement. How would the candidate you choose support some of these initiatives? Are you still going to be a part of activating your communities on this movement that has started? Who are you going to be voting for and why?

2:38 – Making connections is a huge part of the music industry. For somebody who is starting out, where do I start?
8:30 – What are some essential things to do and to avoid when it comes to personal branding?
10:27 – What are some of the biggest “no”s you’ve encountered in your career and how you overcame them and moved on?

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22 Replies to “Business Tips: Wyclef, Dealing with Rejection & How to Make it in the Music Industry | #AskGaryVee Episode 212”

  1. 50:00 yes they all made it…because back then was all about talent… no by exposure…young Gary is great in this era just because never knew the past and will never be influenced by it in his thinking and decisions, he is a "today" guy and knows how to take full advantage of today opportunity…not worry, nobody was left behind in the all days, just mediocrity, the same mediocrity that is driving the music world today.

  2. I don't understand, ("I know this is a late response but just saw video") how you can support Bernie Sanders who is a socialist/communist to his benefit. Plus he got punked by Hillary and DMC. He's a coward and a sellout. If you have the fame and money you have now Wycliff, its not because of socialist policies. Because we know it does not work. YOu cannot expect those that hustle, work hard, and put out products and services the markets want to do it for the benefit of those that do not deserve it. There is no free lunch. There is no such thing as free education. Someone has to pay for it. You keep what you earn. The votes don't matter, the deep state controls everything…..almost. They cannot control human revolt…although they try.

  3. Gary I get more hate then you do.
    No really what happened is as a kid i got into a club. That club is Bad news some chapters closed a child porn rungs my area is as far as i can tell ahead of curve in tech and actually spreads the Worst things first. Monster trolls like show up at your work stalkers.

    I dont have a choice to work for someone else…

    Exposure would help… I need a bigger reach to overcome those trolls.

  4. Gary told me to comment, so I'm going to fish for a response.
     I'm an 18-year old producer, singer-songwriter, and instrumentalist who wants to work, and create some magic. If anyone has any job pertaining to music, hit me up.

  5. Garyvee many ups to you. I am a Big fan. You're always putting up great interviews with great guests.
    Wyclef is a great guest and I truely enjoyed this episode indeed. I would like to know if Brian,the musician from New York showed up. I am so sure something Big will come out of that jam because Wyclef is very apt in spotting a talent, and also making opportunities for others to grow and expand.
    I am also a musician, I will like to share with Wyclef one of my lyrics tittled " One choice ", that I am sure and very sure will be a Hit song, especially in the caretaker of Wyclef Jean the legend. I have heard Wyclef talk about one choice in a previous video. I
    live and work in Barcelona, the city of champions in Spain. Remember that Spain is a country of the Best wines too.

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