Business Tips: 99u Keynote: How to Storytell in a Fast Paced World

Business Tips: 99u Keynote: How to Storytell in a Fast Paced World

Awesome Tip: 99u Keynote: How to Storytell in a Fast Paced World

It’s all about finding a way to tell your story while finding a way to respect your users’ time. Just remember that this time around it’s more about CONTEXT than CONTENT.

Gary Vaynerchuk is a New York Times and Wall Street Journal Best-Selling author, self-taught wine expert, and innovative entrepreneur. Find more at

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26 Replies to “Business Tips: 99u Keynote: How to Storytell in a Fast Paced World”

  1. please please please cant you give me permission to use the like first 4 seconds or something i am ADHD and i drowning, uni, kids, i know what i need to do, too to go about it solves for to her the same you describe, but i can get off the ground

  2. Holy Christ I can't believe this was 2014 you absolutely fucking smashed nailed it on the face a bus prodigy of economic and world value proportions well done sir

  3. I agree that many dislike a phone call. I get the control of time. I love the social networks but I much prefer person to person, whether on phone or in person. But I agree with the message whole heartedly. The reality is it will only gets faster.

  4. Hey Gary, Thanks for bringing me so much value and helping me feel like I am not only catching up on social media networks and some of the other tech world, but teaching me your wisdom so I feel actually a bit ahead of the masses so I can implement what you teach and actually do things right to bring value to others and turn a business out of it. Just bought your book Jab, Right hook. I'm looking forward to your next one as well

  5. Two things. 1) I watched this video in its entirety because a friend sent one of Gary's rants to me and piqued my interest. "Light-weight and quick…The way we roll." 2) I honestly can barely make it through the content because of Gary's profanity, but he has got a TON to say that is incredibly on target. "We have the creative freedom to act human…bring value, bring value…ask for the business."

  6. "Everybody's full of shit"  – people trying to disguise their real motive, sneak up on us while we are off-guard and hit us with a rubbish tweet that's easy to smell a mile off.

    The CLUETRAIN Manifesto exposed all this in 1999.

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