Business Tips: All Things Startup: 43North, Pitching, Investing & Scaling Your Company | #AskGaryVee Episode 197

Business Tips: All Things Startup: 43North, Pitching, Investing & Scaling Your Company | #AskGaryVee Episode 197

Awesome Tip: All Things Startup: 43North, Pitching, Investing & Scaling Your Company | #AskGaryVee Episode 197

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#QOTD: Tell me your startup story.

5:15 – How does a startup know when to add staff? What positions are most critical to line up first?
8:03 – What are 2 or 3 things that makes one pitch stand out from all the other ones?
11:25 – Ideas alone can only get you so far, but once you’ve gotten off the ground, what does an investor need to see to invest in a startup?
13:19 – For an early stage startup that just received 500K, 600K or 1 million dollars in capital, what are the critical things they should be looking to address?
16:19 – When assessing the scalability of a company, what are the things you look for?
19:43 – It seems like emerging startup markets are becoming increasingly viable. What are cities like Buffalo doing right?


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Gary Vaynerchuk builds businesses. Fresh out of college he took his family wine business and grew it from a $3M to a $60M business in just five years. Now he runs VaynerMedia, one of the world’s hottest digital agencies. Along the way he became a prolific angel investor and venture capitalist, investing in companies like Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr, Uber, and Birchbox before eventually co-founding VaynerRSE, a $25M angel fund.

The #AskGaryVee Show is Gary’s way of providing as much value value as possible by taking your questions about social media, entrepreneurship, startups, and family businesses and giving you his answers based on a lifetime of building successful, multi-million dollar companies.

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35 Replies to “Business Tips: All Things Startup: 43North, Pitching, Investing & Scaling Your Company | #AskGaryVee Episode 197”

  1. Yo yo built a film business targeting fitness, built a network and grew fast through bartering and trading my skills in return for being exposed and pushed into other business's networks. A year later aimed full time at Real Estate's, currently leveraging the skills of photographers and videographers around the area to provide full time large tailored media packages solely to Real Estate. Have been using the capital from this business to build and grow a second start up with Industrial Drone's in the mines. One start up is feeding the other. Pow.

  2. I started a recruitment platform for content creators….. the industry is collaborative by nature so to have a platform where Make up artist can find models who find photographers all looking for work to create content is much needed in this freelance economy!

  3. My startup is called Sell It Down. I am 16 year old and was a ebay seller for 4 years. They are changing many policies and now only care about the buyer not a seller. This lead me to be in debt. $7,000 to be exact. So I wanted to create a e-commerce platfrom where the buyer and the seller are both eqaully treated and that they feel like they can grow on the platform. Right now my startup is in developing mode with my co-founder.

  4. I work for three small businesses in the same shopping center. 1 is a laundromat and the other 2 are both start ups. 1 is a smokeshop that has been open 11months and the other start up is where I have been for 3 years and I cook Food For Dogs. At the moment, we are facing eviction and for the past year and a half, I've been worrying about the pending eviction because I sleep in the office but now the landlord confirmed that he is going to evict my Boss within the next couple of weeks. I am so heartbroken as an employee, I cannot do anything but just watch this start up fail and take what u learned and apply it to do good for the future. I tried everything I could to promote with a budget of zero. If anybody cares, the website is

  5. Thank you. This made me realize I really don't just need a fancy office, I can do my work from home and once I get too packed, I'll make a move into an office that isn't the best. I just want to keep growing. Thanks!

  6. I started MamaSuds® which is a family owned small business located in the state of Michigan. Our hand-crafted products help label-reading parents who want to create a safe, clean home for the people they love by using simple, non-toxic, and eco-friendly products. All of our products are made from ingredients that are local, natural, and/or organic ingredients.
    I've binge watched 100 #askgaryvee episodes…. LOVING IT. Thanks Gary!

  7. I've been in the US Army for the past seven years. I've seen and done a lot of horrible things. Now I'm looking at retiring from the Army and taking a different path. I have been passionate about music and the Catholic Church all my life. So I'm changing the conversation. I making culture relevant music using Catholic themes that aren't pie in the sky, but rather day to day real life. I believe positive music can come from the reality of our sufferings, and if people can identify with the songs and enjoy the music, it's a win for us all.

  8. Hey Gary,

    Im 22 and in attending university. Im in my last couple years and I want to go into the business of interior design (i.e. home decor, art, etc.) while im finishing up school. You said "startups are simple animals. they want expertise, mentorship, and money". That really resonants with me because ive been acting on my "entrepreneurial tendencies" for 2 months now and i feel patient enough to learn as much as i can from you (and the internet in general).

  9. #QOTD I started Ayuda Positiva in Venezuela, a crowdfunding platform for non-profits (when there were just a few in the whole market). Learned a lot, had to pivot and worked my ass around Venezuelan regulations to make it happen and feasible. After all (sadly) I had to shut it down because I didn't have a good team backing me up and I just got overwhelmed by being Chief Everything Officer. My most important lesson was the crucial role of a team in this business, you need to get a solid team – sometimes you think you can handle everything, don't be afraid to get more people involved in your project! Get out there and talk about your startup, find a great team and make things happen. As Gary says, Ideas are shit without execution.

    Now I'm into mentoring and planning my next move…

  10. QOTD: My friend and I are starting at the age of 12. Her mother owns a clothing shop on the downtown square, and she is helping us sell our homemade nail polish. It's still in the testing phase, but I'm hoping to sell a lot in this small community. We are thinking about selling accessories with the nail polish, and all kinds of other stuff.

  11. My start up is a Hip Hop/EDM/R&B record label called Fibonacci ENT. It started September 17th, 2014 and we're trying to do as much as possible with as little capital as possible. So, we are doing very basic ways to run a business. When more of my time is freed up to run the business full time, it'll definitely grow as streaming revenue in the music industry and music consumption is at an all time high

  12. We started making YouTube content for the golf industry. We then saw a massive gap in the market for an actual entertainment show in golf. The only content being created is serious & pretty dull. we put together a pitch to the biggest sports to channel in the uk & won the commission for x shows. We then set up a tv production company to make it. (So we don't have to pay the 200k % any production company would take. We are now out to get investment & sponsorship + have some already (still need a bit more) we have pending deals with world wide distribution across all major content hubs/ channels. As video content is gold for websites wanting unique cool content to drive traffic we will be making 2/3s more content outside of the show to the help & incentivise any commercial deals with do with investors & their own or other companies. On top we are going to have a unique & innovative social plan across all major platforms to engage and empower our viewers so they can shape the show

  13. My brother and I make organic craft lemonade called Backcountry Lemonade. We build popup lemonade stands in remote places like the Tetons or a hiking trail to spread the word. The coffee and lavender lemonades are a hit. Launching in NYC this summer!

  14. I am a Serial Entrepreneur in the Richmond, VA area. I own three companies. Richmond Bubble Soccer, Cycul and Enso Media Firm. I also have a separate brand Mr Preneur. I worked in the mental health field for 10 years but always knew I was born to be an entrepreneur. I now wake up everyday excited about what I do and am able to help others accomplish their goals. My biggest passion as to be public speaking and I wrote my first book last year "You Can't Afford Me – Building A Business While Working Full Time" which is available on Amazon

  15. Hi Gary, I am an independent marketing consultant and started my venture 6 months back. It has been great as I have been a Brand/Marketing manager close to a decade for various brands and this was a big decision to start on my own to create a personal brand. I am working with clients from different segments – PR, Tech, Food. Great fan of you and thanks for inspiring me.

  16. Did a sailing trip startup with two friends. 10 sailboats per week on Croatian coast for the whole summer, partying and activities, was fun as hell. Unfortunately we didn't execute sales well enough so we went out of business with that but the two friends did manage to salvage the business into a sailing school which is now the biggest one in Slovenia.

  17. I started Mr. Checkpoint as a passion project, the app has over 350,000 downloads and I never spent any money on marketing or advertising. I've been featured on virtually every news network in Southern California and never hired a PR company. I started Mr. Checkpoint on twitter and built it using/trying virtually every social media platform.

    My real business is influencer marketing. I manage talent specifically in the fashion space (last 3 years) with followings on instagram and snapchat as of recent. I run and operate a jewelry line ( with the influencer, which generates hundreds of thousands of dollars in sales and we pay zero in ads, marketing, or PR. We have over one hundred thousand followers on our instagram We have built an affiliate team consisting of over 1,000 reps that promote our brand in exchange for commission of sales.

    I am as of most recent raising money to scale the buisnesses I have proven the model of. 1 is that brands will pay influencers to promote their company and 2 is that when an influencer promotes a company it generates sales. Happy to connect with anyone and everyone. Thanks Gary.


    c. 818.943.9943

  18. Hello all,

    My name is AJ Picard I actually started an app company called A & J Apps. We're focusing on not just making apps, but making them with a purpose. So far we have put out one app and its called EyeGames the account I am using to write this is for that app. We have a youtube show that talks about video games and what we think about them.

    Anyway EyeGames is a free mobile app in the iOS and Android app store (Uploaded last week waiting on acceptance). We are known to be the "Wikipedia" of video games, as you know most gaming resources that gamers use to find new video games are only giving information for those newer games. We focus on EVERY game, games dating back to Nintendo to games dating up to PS4 we have them all. That way any gamer at any time can look up a game they might be interested in or they could come across a game they never heard of and end up buy it.

    We're working on our next update to not only allow these gamers to learn about video games but also buy them. We're scoping around to find an investor to help us finish this project. The feature that will allow users to buy games will come with a lot of perks and they will pay by subscription. The perks we're providing none of our competition is doing.

    EyeGames has a lot of potential and I truly believe we're in the right place at the right time. The video game industry is growing rapidly so the market is there. We just need to execute and we're doing that every day, slowly but surely. We're all about the long term investment or "The long run" the reason we will take over our competition is not only because of the incentives we will be providing in the subscription system but because we are so personal with our customers. No mater what platform, Twitter, Instagram, or Snapchat we always respond and interact with everyone. They love it and we do to, it's the best feeling in the world when you have people that enjoy something you created, that's what keeps us going. We plan to make huge strides once we finish this update, our journey has just begun.

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