Business Tips: An Early Believer in Social Media Says the Next Era of the Internet Is NFTs

Business Tips: An Early Believer in Social Media Says the Next Era of the Internet Is NFTs

Awesome Tip: An Early Believer in Social Media Says the Next Era of the Internet Is NFTs

Non-fungible tokens, or NFTs, are really starting to grab my interest. The amount of opportunity the blockchain and NFTs will present to people in the coming years is immense. In this video, I sit down with Roger Dickerman on his show “Origin Stories” to discuss this exciting space and how it is literally going to change the way we think about and use the internet. We deep-dive into the NFT space, discussing everything from Cryptopunks, wrapped tokens, NBA Top Shot, and much more. I also detail my personal journey into the NFT space and share my advice on how to be thoughtful when exploring it. Enjoy! Let me know what you thought.

00:00​ – Introduction
00:50​ – What is your origin story?
07:40​ – An NFT warning
10:28​ – Why I’m interested in NFTs
14:40​ – What happens when money enters the NFT conversation?
17:05​ – Artists and community cultivation
21:42​ – Hot Takes
45:30 Outro

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28 Replies to “Business Tips: An Early Believer in Social Media Says the Next Era of the Internet Is NFTs”

  1. NFTs give us a way of 'taking our ball and going home' in a digital space. They give us control. Control = less anxiety. I know I'll use something that helps deal with anxiety. Can totally see myself buying NFT-based signed ebooks. How would y'all use NFTs? How do you see them being used? Get creative.

  2. As a Professional Tattooist, this reaches out to me. Community and the art quality itself is the truest supply. Politics is not the demand. We're tattooing everyone and they're grandparents. Giving a shit about your community and being a good host is the new age currency.

  3. I'm a photographer and Filmmaker. I just am starting to learn about NFT's, and it occurs to me that there may be a use case for my industry beyond SELLING art, or rights. Could these work for licensing? (And is anyone doing anything in this space already?)

    For example, if I shoot a commercial job and would like to give the client 24 months of exclusivity, is there a way to use NFT's for this purpose?

    Similarly, can they be reprogrammed in the future to extend duration or add or remove certain rights?

    If it was a feature film, could a studio give out NFT's to each client? Like one for NBC and another for Netflix, with each Token being updatable, and transferrable?

    As it's new, this sounds super complicated to me, but it could actually be the simplest method to manage rights on everything from stock photos, to commercial work, to art, and feature films. Or, is this not what it's for?

  4. Crazy!! Im a digital artist currently studying Vis Dev and I want to do it till im ded,, hopefully NFTs can provide that sort of opportunity for me and other people going through the same thing. Finally we can collectively support creators directly. Finally living artists will get the share they deserve. What a time to be alive – truly

  5. The bumpiest road is going to be the inevitable market manipulation potential for the NFT market.

    Also….it can’t be only YouTube streams hyping up the market. The demand is hard to measure or really speculate/quantify in any meaningful way from my limited perspective.

    Gary you mentioned some awareness of the bubble like potential especially early on so I see sone legitimacy in your research of NFT enough to continue to consider your insights into this market.

    The true rarity of an investment and implied value is not based on ‘how few there are’, as you seem to recognize, because that is only looking at the ‘supply’ side of supplyvsdemand.. it’s a bad starting point because I’d rather there be too few because A LOT of people want it naturally NOT because only a few ‘get to have it’.

    Otherwise, the entire market will revolve around ‘Limited Edition’ tier marketing principles….like a holiday beanie baby.

    “Oh there’s there’s only 100 of these? /100 you say???? Well that’s funny because I want exactly 0 of them.”

  6. Manufactured Scarcity (something being ‘rare’) and being new is not a reason to assume long term potential for NFTs in general OR for particular properties represented in NFTs, specifically.

    I make this statement with the knowledge that Gary might agree with that statement. Great.

    I am willing to watch this but comparisons or correlations made to any established markets is not based in reality at this time- sportscards for instance. This is not support for sportscards but moreso a point that THAT market being BARELY established means NFT has a lot of ground to make up when it comes to organic demand.

    I’m openminded but suspicious

  7. We will have created more art during this point in time than any other point in history and this is only because of social media so just imagine how much more NFTs will be responsible for having had created from this point forward.

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