Business Tips: Arianna Huffington, Nighttime Routines & The Importance of Sleep | #AskGaryVee Episode 213

Business Tips: Arianna Huffington, Nighttime Routines & The Importance of Sleep | #AskGaryVee Episode 213

Awesome Tip: Arianna Huffington, Nighttime Routines & The Importance of Sleep | #AskGaryVee Episode 213

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#QOTD: When was it that you started thinking that sleep deprivation and burnout were the ways to succeed? And was there a moment when you woke up to that fact that that’s not the truth?

7:13 – When its crunch time for an entrepreneur and you are in “launch phase” with so much to do and you’re on the go, how do you recommend you rest during this very intense couple of weeks, sometimes months, when you can’t get that full 8 hours?
14:48 – How do you develop rituals for sleep and bedtime when your life is unpredictable as a business person and a parent and you have a lot of obligations and people contacting you at all hours of the day?
20:21 – How do you deal with bullying in the workplace or in life?

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43 Replies to “Business Tips: Arianna Huffington, Nighttime Routines & The Importance of Sleep | #AskGaryVee Episode 213”

  1. I was raised that sleep depravity is good, means you work hard, you're not lazy. I woke up to the fact it is bad right after I watched this video, 50 years of living with the incorrect mindset wondering why it's taken me so long to succeed.

  2. I absolutely adore the way she speaks & love that she's not just a woman who created a platform for others to contribute to, but a woman who is incredibly intelligent in her own way separate from the website – I didn't really know much about her as a person, but she seems like a wonderful person to know

    #QOTD: I don't think I ever thought a lack of sleep was the "way" to succeed, but rather that by BEING successful, you happen to sleep less to work (or study) & [I love the play on words] I think waking up to the truth is something I have not physically been able to do yet, but mentally understand, so idk if I can answer this part of the question since I haven't lived it yet —- it's 2am rn

  3. Cliffs from the first 15 minutes:

    – Most people NEED 7-9 hours, unless you have a genetic mutation which lets you get away with 4-6
    – On days you fall short, take a 20 minute nap sometime during the day
    – Have a routine to wind down at the end of the day
    – You cheat yourself by not getting your required sleep, because you won't be nearly as productive. Be honest with yourself on how much you need.

    – Gary usually gets 6-7, and up to 11 on the weekends
    – Huffington gets 8 hours, most days

  4. I'm glad I stumbled on this old episode of the show. It is very timely for me. For those who have a hard time sleeping, marjoram essential oil diluted (with some other kind of carrier oil) on the soles of the feet gives me the deepest most refreshing sleep ever.
    Thanks for this episode Gary and Arianna. It may be my favorite episode ever – or at least in the top 5. Sleep deprivation is not heroic or helpful. I am so glad to be past that, and at peace with what I can accomplish in my waking hours.

  5. I know this is late as hell, but I just wanted to respond to the QOTD. For me, it was when high-school started. I was told I always need to study for every subject, so I ended up going to sleep at 3-4 AM usually while waking up at 9 AM. I realized this isn't the case when I understood just how useless our (Romanian) school system really is. I stopped worrying about the school and started working on my own projects, while also getting 7-9 hours of sleep per night.

  6. #QOTD, I have know since ancient teen years… I have had this skill in manipulating and/or just steering things and relationships. But having the skill, realizing it's not for everybody, and knowing when to use it and when not, and what great responsibility comes with it… I used to think that since I was pretty good at it, it was my responsibility to make sure that all those relationships were going smoothly. And of course some didn't. And every so many years, there was 1, whom I could influence, but never quite get right. And I cared, sooo deeply, that I lost night after night after night, believing subconsciously that this was my responsibility and that I just had to be able to make everything work well. Because I was good at it, it just never occurred to me, that it wasn't my responsibility… And those were the times that everything started to go wrong… So yeah, sleep, super important.
    On the other hand I am super lucky, I go to sleep super-fast like Gary. I might have too little like you said, but when I feel tired it's mainly emotional cuz life sure throws a lot at me, and I almost always get enough hours of sleep. When life goes well on the other hand, I just wake up after 6 hours of sleep with one question on my mind:
    "What is the most awesome thing I can do today?"

  7. If u study material, then eat lunch and then take a 20 min nap, it allows you to retain the information you were working on prior to lunch at an increased percentage of 60-80%… it is called symbionic learning. A lot of corporations offer sleep pods for the activation of symbionic learning, which helps staff retain information fully and re charge them for the day with more energy and the ability to last longer hours in their workday if needed.

  8. To answer Arianna's question, my wake up call to realizing just how much plenty of sleep is important, was when I got severe eczema and all the emotional unrest connected to it. At nighttime is when the skin HEALS and the inflammatory processes subside. I still hustle, but I sleep at least 8 hours and more when needed – I LISTEN to my body. I've also completely hanged my diet. My anxiety levels are so much lower, my mind is clearer and I'm a better creator for it.

  9. gary is such a trouble maker i love it

    they are right. sunday night (like now) I can't sleep due to anxiety and worry about school the next day, even though I'm pretty well liked. I realize my future is what I'm worried about yet I'm paralyzed by fear and my negative self talk.

  10. Really no disrespect, but those I see talking about getting more sleep have already "made it" in their respective field. I want to hear sleep strategies from people still struggling in the trenches. Hearing people with their own assistants talking about "it's just business . . . it's not life and death" is pretty hollow.

  11. The last question about bullying was so true! I know a company were the owners are the bullies! they are very subtle in how they do it so that people end up just feeling like shit and not leaving. They have pushed employees into major burnouts this way and even alienated thier own family members that worked for them!

  12. Wow, powerful episode brother :O

    You almost sold me on sleeping more, effective.

    I'll crash just to see where my limits are first a couple of times, I believe it's a must do for any entrepreneur to test ones limits.

    + shoutout to Arianna, I feel like I know you better now than the previous video lol

  13. I love Gary but sometimes i feel he doesn't let other's speak, (For eg Arianna was interrupted many times) Respect his hustle, his grind and utter respect for him but sometimes he doesn't let the other person complete what they are saying and interrupt them ? Could be better in terms of that i guess. Just saying Sorry

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