Business Tips: Bootstrapping, Social Media for Doctors & How to Sell at a Farmers Market | #AskGaryVee Episode 206

Business Tips: Bootstrapping, Social Media for Doctors & How to Sell at a Farmers Market | #AskGaryVee Episode 206

Awesome Tip: Bootstrapping, Social Media for Doctors & How to Sell at a Farmers Market | #AskGaryVee Episode 206

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#QOTD: What’s the biggest mistake that you made recently?

3:31 – Do you ever pick and choose which clients you work with based on how they do their business?
5:41 – Advice for healthcare docs who want to add value using social media to promote wellness and attract ideal patients?
11:23 – What did you learn selling baseball cards that I could apply to selling vegetables at my first farmers market coming up?
15:07 – How do you know if you should continue to bootstrap or bite the bullet and accept investor funding?
16:51 – How crucial do you think an app’s launch is? Product Hunt?

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Gary Vaynerchuk builds businesses. Fresh out of college he took his family wine business and grew it from a $3M to a $60M business in just five years. Now he runs VaynerMedia, one of the world’s hottest digital agencies. Along the way he became a prolific angel investor and venture capitalist, investing in companies like Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr, Uber, and Birchbox before eventually co-founding VaynerRSE, a $25M angel fund.

The #AskGaryVee Show is Gary’s way of providing as much value value as possible by taking your questions about social media, entrepreneurship, startups, and family businesses and giving you his answers based on a lifetime of building successful, multi-million dollar companies.

Gary is also a prolific public speaker, delivering keynotes at events like Le Web, and SXSW, which you can watch right here on this channel.

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27 Replies to “Business Tips: Bootstrapping, Social Media for Doctors & How to Sell at a Farmers Market | #AskGaryVee Episode 206”

  1. lololol#**@ haha: I love the sidelong glances like 'what the hell u doin'?' hahah…oh my. had a night off so tuned in a bit. heheh.

  2. Hay #askgaryvee , the end screen could be changed to help more people, 'click this' on the subscibe at the very end of that video… just in case it helps you gain a few extra subscibers to your channell… thanks, Scott!

  3. Recent biggest mistake was going ahead with a project that I had verbal approval on only to have the client completely pull out after making some pretty serious business restricting for that project. Lesson learnt: always in writing!!!

  4. Thanks for this video I was at a point where I was ready to give up on my brand, well not give up but put to the side and get a job cause I'm barely braking even, booking travel is tougher than i thought I have a good product but I'm having a hard time competing with the bigger companies and well you know the story once rent is due and you are strapped that feeling of doubt comes in but this video helped me to keep going. Thank you!

  5. #askgaryvee I own a fine art printing company called Fidelis Art Prints, that is almost entirely referral based. Clients come to me, because of my high quality standards and customer service. When quality is number one, how do I separate myself from all of the lower priced online print sites?

  6. Gary, I love the new time-stamps. I usually watch each video for only about 10-15 seconds of content and this makes it SOO much easier. Pat whoever did this on the back, great execution.

  7. Gary, I am a pharmacist and certified herbalist. I own a pharmacy but trying to crow my newest business educating people on herbs and herbal remedies for optimal health. In both environments it's hard to remain 100% true and honest, because certain behaviours/words/content is considered non-professional. What's your take? Which platform can help me give value to my patients and prospective clients, and what should my approach be?

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