Business Tips: Do you want to sit around as a 78 year old and regret how you lived your life? | DailyVee 450

Business Tips: Do you want to sit around as a 78 year old and regret how you lived your life? | DailyVee 450

Awesome Tip: Do you want to sit around as a 78 year old and regret how you lived your life? | DailyVee 450

If you’re willing to take someone else’s opinion on how you should be living your life, you probably deserve to lose… Just think about it, who’s giving you the advice? Is it someone that has no idea what they’re talking about or with very little credibility? If so, why would you listen to them of all people? It’s your life, take control and live it the way that you want to. Trust me, you don’t want to be 93 years old and sitting in a retirement home regretting that you never started that business, asked that boy/girl out on a date, or went traveling with your friends. Regret is poison.

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25 Replies to “Business Tips: Do you want to sit around as a 78 year old and regret how you lived your life? | DailyVee 450”

  1. I would rather make 36K a year being a chef and love it than making 500K/ yr sitting behind a desk because i would want to kill myself. you should come to my restaurant when i land the new gig.

  2. "When you listen to outside voices, you'll always regret it" Not quite… I've listened to my godmother who gave me the best advice I could get: to stop being in my head so much and listen to my guts instead. I've never regretted anything ever since I started listening to her and apply it in my everyday life. It took me so long to understand that. It's scary sometimes and it pisses people off sometimes, but I've been far more honest and happy with myself ever since.

  3. case 1. What if the thing I have passionate about requires years of practicing and I'm planning to get a lucrative job instead while doing my passion on the side and once I get good enough to make money off of it, I can go all in for my passion?

    case 2. What if my passion is something that cannot be done realistically as in I want to live in the fantasy world?

  4. I will NEVER EVER AGAIN be ashamed of my competitiveness or ambition. I am not ashamed that I play to win. I am not ashamed to lose 100 times to ensure I will win eventually. I am not ashamed to wear the blood sweat and tears on my jersey.

    I am not ashamed to be a winner


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