Business Tips: Eric Thomas, Motivation, Success & Public Speaking | #AskGaryVee Episode 223

Business Tips: Eric Thomas, Motivation, Success & Public Speaking | #AskGaryVee Episode 223

Awesome Tip: Eric Thomas, Motivation, Success & Public Speaking | #AskGaryVee Episode 223


#QOTD: What was your “crossover-moment”?

7:47 – What advice to you have for people starting to do bigger speaking events? And how do you grow a paid speaking career?
15:27 – As a rapper, what’s the best marketing tips to implement? Should I treat music like an entrepreneur would his product?
19:12 – Eric. As a PHD, what percentage do you contribute of where you are today to your degree?
23:35 – Where does motivation end, and execution begin?
29:30 – En route to self-awareness, do you believe we “find ourselves” or “create ourselves”?


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27 Replies to “Business Tips: Eric Thomas, Motivation, Success & Public Speaking | #AskGaryVee Episode 223”

  1. I just watched this twice in a row. Literally in a row. You both hit some key points. The "switch" in knowing what's for you and going harder and the knowing that just because something good is happening to you, it doesnt mean something bad has to be happening somewhere else. Thanks for the constant flood of thought.

  2. #QOTD: my crossover moment happened November 2018. My Nephew and I went to the Mall of America to go go karting at Smassh on the 4th floor. I had never been in a go kart that went 40+ mph before. I remember at the end of lap one a feeling came over me. I had never felt such a peace and feeling of being Home. It wasnt about it being fun, it was all about it being who I am. I am a race car driver.

    Since that day, for the next 7 months I went to pro kart every Saturday, doing between 3-5 races each time. Their karts do 40+mph, Improving my fastest lap and overall lap average each time. I thought during that time that I would get into karting first and go from there. I have since changed that and I am skipping the karting phase. Racing is stupid expensive, so at the same time I decided to take my sim racing to a serious lvl of improving my race craft, and skills as a race car driver, so that when I step into the "real" thing I will be much more prepared. Race school is next, within the next 10 months. I know the school I am going to attend. Also, within the last month especially since I came across Gary, I had been listening to Eric for a little bit before now, I have started to increase my social media presence.

    As sponsorship is my path to my ultimate goal, and social media does give that exposure. Lastly, I'm 41yrs old. I'm fortunate not to have any kids, and at the same time my age is a big disadvantage to a point. I've given myself a 10 yr window to hold a certain trophy in my hand, and to make history in the world of Racing.

  3. I think everybody's great in their own way. I know Gary think is the greatest, and he is in a way, I mean there can never be a superlative degree of anything on this planet. There's always gonna be someone who's gonna be better than you. All you can do is get first in the race until the next race starts. It's a forever competition and not a single end goal. ET and Gary are both great.

  4. Crossover moment; it was 2017 and I had been out of college for 6 months. I was working full time in laboratory helping doctors diagnose and treat disease. It might sound interesting but I hated it. I heard of #2017flipchallenge. I kept the 40 hour work week and spent every other minute researching, buying and selling local garbage. It worked, I learned how to operate a business. At the end of the summer I gave myself a weekend off. I packed a backpack with a sleeping bag, some water, trailmix and a journal then got on a boat. I spent the weekend on an island off the coast of Massachusetts. There, on a park bench, outside of a moth show, It happened.

  5. 207am and almost all my comments on your videos are this time! Up at 7am for my 3 year old and asleep at 3am at earliest everyday! The grind can suck but will never stop! Had a job at 16 and 17 and decided to stick with my own business that I started at 12 Every evening after my dad got off work him and I would remodel his home till midnight from age 10 till 18 when I moved out and started remodeling for my self! At 40 found my passion of flying drones and video production! Hardest thing to do is switch completley dif industries at 40 with a new born so its been a long process balancing both! I love your content I dont lack ambition nor do I lack work ethic but battled with self esteem issues as did many others so while you never needed motivation you do help us that do battle with low self esteem! While you aren't a motivational speaker your gratitude, coupled with your insane understanding of humans emotionally you help many with this information ET awesome story man checking you out after I leave this comment!

  6. Awesome interview! Thank you so much for this encouragement ❤️ I’m so ready to make a change and achieve my goal of financial freedom! I’ve heard so many success stories about making $1k-$10k a month, from your laptop as a social media marketer. Just bought my training course, my goal is $5k/month.
    By the way here’s the link :

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