Business Tips: Grateful + Optimism = GO | Tea With GaryVee

Business Tips: Grateful + Optimism = GO | Tea With GaryVee

Awesome Tip: Grateful + Optimism = GO | Tea With GaryVee

Gary hopped on a live-stream today to talk to some more callers and share his perspective on the things on their mind during these difficult times. This was a really good live stream that really focused on staying positive and the perspective we need to have while we are adapting to our new lifestyles for the time being. The biggest take-away is that by staying grateful and optimistic, you will be ready to go and handle whatever is thrown at you… Including these crazy times. There are plenty of other great pieces of advice here so make sure you watch all the way through… Enjoy!

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18 Replies to “Business Tips: Grateful + Optimism = GO | Tea With GaryVee”

  1. Damn I could only wish I’d been learning this stuff at 14. I was climbing apple trees, river rafting and worrying about why my crush didn’t like me back at their age. Amazing, good for them! And yeah Johnny Law better be monetizing a badass name like that.

  2. that second girl is 14 and a "influencer" for fuck sake who the fuck is raising this girls … we're going into a depression nobody gives a fuck … lets see if the world still accpets her as an influencer at 24 … fuck

  3. that first girl is going to hit 24 and realize she should of not spent so much time dancing in front of a camera trying to get rich on adds or whatever … the WALL is real ladies

  4. 36:00 very smart Dustin muting Joe because of the echo. I see you and i appreciate Team Vee. Also, the comments started out okay pulling from one channel at a time then it was great switching back and forth between F and YT. I think some comments get too long. 1-15 words should be good but I can be wrong. Thats my 2 cents. Much love

  5. It bothers me that he doesnt have any advice for people that are rushing because he assumes they are impatient and that the main focus is appearing to be successful… Thats not the case for some people…

    Rushing doesnt equal Impatience all the time ya know… Some times it means we have Urgent Cares…

    I may have time but my mother doesnt. I want to make her dreams come true, I could give a crap about mine.
    Im just a vehicle, using my body, my leverage and understanding of todays generation to achieve her dream.

    We just happen to have the same skill so I could actually do that for her.

    So whats the advice for people like myself?
    People that are rushing because of Urgency not Impatience.

    Because I have time… loads of it… but thats such a bad way of thinking about life..
    Because we may or may not have time, you could get hit by a bus or shot up…

    Whats the advice on PACING with Urgency???
    Because I really dont like to rush… but i dont know what time has in store..

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