Business Tips: How to Get Your First 10 Customers

Business Tips: How to Get Your First 10 Customers

Awesome Tip: How to Get Your First 10 Customers

Originally aired on #AskGaryVee Episode 2 –

Q: In starting a new business, what’s the best way to grab your first 10 customers?

A: Short answer: You have to grind. What I mean by that is that you have to reach out to every single person you can. YOU JUST HAVE TO ASK. Go to every single potential customer out there and ask them to buy whatever it is you’re offering. If they say no, you learn, and you move on. It’s as simple as that.

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40 Replies to “Business Tips: How to Get Your First 10 Customers”

  1. Hey Gary! I have a question. I recently launched which is a service where I help people grow their instagram following without using automation or bots. I've been able to drive about 30 people a day in the first two days and two people have my packages sitting in their cart. What's your advice on getting consumers to complete checkout? Thanks!

  2. To Gary, or anyone else that may have an opinion. I have just started a business in videography working with businesses to promote their brand (in London). I have tried the cold calling route, but getting to speak to the boss is proving difficult. Do you think that cold calling is getting to be a thing of the past and if so, do you think that perhaps using direct messaging applications communications on such modes like linkedin and Instagram are the way forward? Seeing as the probability of speaking to the business owner will be higher? Thank you

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