Business Tips: "My dad harasses us … what should I do?!" | Advice to Teenagers

Business Tips: "My dad harasses us … what should I do?!" | Advice to Teenagers

Awesome Tip: "My dad harasses us … what should I do?!" | Advice to Teenagers

Sometimes being patient is more difficult than other times… Unfortunately, it’s still very often the answer. Mental fitness and getting your operating system (aka your mind) in the right place is no question the way out of difficult situations.. even in the toughest of circumstances.

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44 Replies to “Business Tips: "My dad harasses us … what should I do?!" | Advice to Teenagers”

  1. I didn't graduate and in a tough spot mentally right now. My dad just said "You're not a man, you've been eating my food. I paid for your education. You say you made 10k$ in trading, I don't remember you giving me the money?"
    I acknowledge that it is partly true as I'm fucking 23 and too lazy to take the first step to follow my dream. Now I can't watch myself and my gem of a mom take mental abuse from him any longer. Wish me luck.

  2. So interesting… he begins the advice by giving the classic spiel he tells everyone: "Make money..break out of a pattern, etc"; then, he sees the hurt in the boy's eyes and provides unique consoling that addresses his specific issues. Well done Gary!

  3. This was my life, and is my life again since I moved back home. I needed this as a kid and need it now as an adult. I hope this kid is ok. I hope he took this advice and ran with it. I'm 46, and this kept me from throwing in the towel today. You probably saved his life. I know you saved mine. Thank you.

  4. I am facing the same situation but with both my parents. Other family members who come and go to our home make it even worse. I am leaving. While waiting for my papers, I couldn't take the toxicity anymore so I put the headphones on and shit start to open up. It is achieavable.

  5. My dad always diffentiated between me my brother… He always has soft corner for my borther (selfish & cunning asshole who never works). My father supported him financial. I worked hard had given him my savings to my dad, so that one day he will return my money and some financial help for my future prospects. But right now nor he is helping me nor he has my money ( spent all on my brother and his family). My father behaved totally different when i was working and when i am jobless. he simply killed him…

  6. I hope you read this. Whatever your name is, you are a beautiful young man, and this seems like a life sentence but it's not, block all of this troubles, cause there isn't anything you can do believe, focus on the area of your influence, your studies do your best to get out at 18 with your diploma, after you built your life you can come back and get your mother. I live you take care

  7. Hello he has been abused and traumatized being raised like that..he doesn't have the confidence to bounce willy nilly nor a friend to help him: He is in need of confidence building, seperation emotionally from a father who is also drowning and expects "team work" $$$$ as if kids are his adult caregivers not him as a father… the kids' caregiver… this is called…. role reversal..his dad has the brain of a wounded child.this 14 year old must talk to a guidance counsellor at school he must plan for a future and to complete his education, while building a side hustle… and a life purpose career. He needs regular contact with caring people. Honest caring people. It is double taxing to hustle while in flux and living in a chaotic home filled with emotional brow beating. If he bounces randomly he ends up where?? In a shelter? Think man. Shelters are filled with streetwise kids who will only take over where his dad left off !? WTF. He has need of self esteem first and an exit plan. Maybe he might have a nicer relative far away from his father's side who can keep their ground but at 14 seriously Gary not everone is street or raised by a generation of resilent stock… No role model equals no clue…. and having a father figure who could turn on him and his siblings and his mom?? There is not much that putting your hands on his shoulders will do. Strategy is his friend. Professional Counselling is his friend. A good long cry in the arms of a good role model is his friend…. and yes watching you as a mentor and other gurus will be the positivity he needs to replace what he had not received from family. Good books are also a form of mentoring. He needs a few months to get out and he needs the coolness to not ever tell his dad he is leaving home. No mattee how tempting it is as he gets closer to the date of exit. He needs to be safe.

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