Business Tips: My Mom and I Talk About Cursing

Business Tips: My Mom and I Talk About Cursing

Awesome Tip: My Mom and I Talk About Cursing

To anyone that’s curious why I curse so much, here’s the reason 😉

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41 Replies to “Business Tips: My Mom and I Talk About Cursing”

  1. Your mom is so charming and calm, by the way what's beautiful is you have companion and that's why nothing feels like O.M.G or why, or how could this or that be, to you because you have already tasted its power and the peace it brings which is the reason you can laugh all the time in your truth.

  2. During the "meet and greet", you should just walk up and say
    "Fuck the photo, your times precious, here's my card/hat/tshirt with my insta and website on it, check it out when your next bored taking a shit, then call me, thank you for your time Gary."
    You'll sure stand out.

  3. GaryVee is the man..i'm taking your advice..amazing…i'm on a target to make million give me a purpose.i've Created YouTube Channel.For achieve My Dreams!.I'm doing Cover songs, My first video is Shawn Mendes – In My Blood. I would support"Feedback so please hit the subscribe and cheak out,,,,….. 🙂

  4. LOVE THIS EPISODE. Shows the reality of meet and greet and how hectic that "after show/speech" period of time is. I also loved Gary's mom. Super honest and blunt about how she was as a parent. Love how unapologetic they both are about themselves… guess it's that self awareness! 😉
    Much love GV!
    anyone readin this, check out my vlog and let me know what ya think!

  5. Just started watching these videos after a year of listening to you on spotify, Pretty dope to see Gary go from signing book and taking pictures straight to a fancy dinner. Without even changing or doing anything special.

    Pretty dope

  6. Gary, I rarely get time to watch this type of video all the way through. But do see others of yours through. I was not as curious as some to see your family. But sweet how your family loves. Performance VERY SWEET and made me emotional. You’re the best.

  7. Gary love your content been following you for a year, and your mom looks like shes well taken care of,I cant wait for the day I meet you Gary! I tried emailing you a few time but I do not know if you had the chance to read that!

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