Business Tips: Talking With Jessie Reyez on Artists’ Growth and Staying Relevant in 2018 | GaryVee Business Meeting

Business Tips: Talking With Jessie Reyez on Artists’ Growth and Staying Relevant in 2018 | GaryVee Business Meeting

Awesome Tip: Talking With Jessie Reyez on Artists’ Growth and Staying Relevant in 2018 | GaryVee Business Meeting

If you’re an artist in 2018, you need to be putting out all of the music that you have inside of you. Every song you put out is an at-bat – take advantage of it!! There is so much value in this video for anyone that is making music or that is interested in it, make sure you pay close attention 😉

2:00 | Collaborate with people outside your demo
6:20 | You have to strike when it’s hot
9:30 | Artists need to evolve
20:15 | Scale only comes when you let the audience be the judge
25:00 | I’ve been in my own head forever
27:00 | I’m not looking for anyone’s validation
32:30 | I’m going to shove positivity down your throats for the rest of my life

Really enjoyed getting to sit down with Jessie Reyez… You can find her here:
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25 Replies to “Business Tips: Talking With Jessie Reyez on Artists’ Growth and Staying Relevant in 2018 | GaryVee Business Meeting”

  1. 2:51 Taylor Swift needed Kendrick not Kendrick. Run Dmc and Aerosmith was a good crossover that gave Run Dmc white fans who didn't listen to hiphop before Underneath that people were fuckin with Rakim, G Rap, Grandmaster flash and the furious 5 in the hood since they came out. Nas, Big, Pac, Big L, Pun, Dmx, A Tribe called Quest, Outkast, Em they all went platinum diamond with sounding nowhere close to Walk this way You ain't know shit bout hiphop you need to cut that bullshit

  2. Her talent deserves more attention.. 100% down for a soul Saturday every week. Could listen to her voice and lyricism daily!

    Need her to get bigger so she can finally come to Australia for a tour, I wanna see her live so bad!

  3. I love Gary's perspective on life, music, basically everything! This video was so helpful. I'm a singer, and I've just posted my 1st Youtube cover video, feel free to check it out!

  4. Eyy gary im not good im great. Im better than a steak. Right or wrong facilitate. Put these thoughts on like some j’s (js). Im the one behind the weights. I couldn’t coach if i was lame. Im the only one to fade. To me this game is more than play. Strategies make the front page. I could have more than anything. This ain’t complete without a thanx. Out of context rearrange…. lil sum sum to validate a lil of what i put out there cuz im cereal

  5. Hey Vayner Nation,

    I feel comfortable enough to ask this question as i know the community is super helpful 🙂

    I'm 26 years old and live in London, UK, my dream is to start a UK festival around my passion hip hop music as well as other genres.

    The problem ( OR ) opportunity depending how i look at it on the day is i only have a few grand saved up which isn't enough to get me started up. However that's no excuse as the Internet/Technology today has changed everything.

    So i wanted to ask the community what do you think the best way for me to get started is? I'm thinking about starting a blog to build a large targeted audience, provide them value, become a minor authority, monetize the blog and eventually build enough revenue this way and start the production/concerts /festivals company.

    Anyway other ways you think i could go about this to get the company started? or tips? or ideas for festivals/concerts and events blog topics?

    All ideas and comments welcome. Thanks so much

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