Business Tips: The #1 Mistake Everybody Makes On Twitter

Business Tips: The #1 Mistake Everybody Makes On Twitter

Awesome Tip: The #1 Mistake Everybody Makes On Twitter

I still can’t believe how many people are fundamentally misunderstanding a basic piece of Twitter’s functionality. Here is the bottom line: If you start a tweet with an @ symbol, that tweet only shows up in the feeds of the people who follow you AND the person you’re @ing. So if you want to start a tweet with an @handle, you need to put something in front of it so that you’re not leading with an @.

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41 Replies to “Business Tips: The #1 Mistake Everybody Makes On Twitter”

  1. wtf this was posted a year ago and I'm still doing this wrong lol, maybe thats why i only have 30 followers LMFAO….. nah more than likely because my tweets suck! lol

  2. I have been preaching this for awhile now and people aren't listening. Thank you for doing this video..this is awesome. What I would love to see is when you reply to a tweet, you start at the beginning, before the @ symbol so you are not always having to try and position in front of it. It sucks when you are on your phone doing it. 

  3. I think it's really cool that you made a video just for me, 'cause I tweet to you and I KNOW I suck at twitter. You really are the greatest @***** [sticks tongue out here] G+ and youtube needs emots…or at least I DO

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