Business Tips: The Blockchain Is Changing What Humans Can Do on the Internet | “Next With Novo” Podcast

Business Tips: The Blockchain Is Changing What Humans Can Do on the Internet | “Next With Novo” Podcast

Awesome Tip: The Blockchain Is Changing What Humans Can Do on the Internet | “Next With Novo” Podcast

Blockchain and cryptocurrency technologies are becoming more and more mainstream by the minute. Today’s episode is an interview that I did on the podcast “Next with Novo” hosted by Mike Novogratz. Recorded only a few days after the Gamestop/Reddit event that shook Wall Street, we chatted about where we are as a society right now, focusing on how to make sense of the rapid changes occurring in the different corners of culture. We dive into our hot takes on everything from Crypto to Paris Hilton, trading cards, college, social media regulation, the stock market, and lots more. Enjoy! Let me know what you thought.

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0:00 Introduction
2:32 Robinhood & Wallstreetbets
10:30 Accountability for your own decisions
15:50 NFTs and the Blockchain
20:09 Cryptocurrency and education around it
26:00 Overrated or Underrated

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25 Replies to “Business Tips: The Blockchain Is Changing What Humans Can Do on the Internet | “Next With Novo” Podcast”

  1. Gary. Words struggle to edify your position & value to this world! I love listening to you drop 'real fucking truth' in all of your content! I question almost every opinion or "fact" that comes out of people's blowholes. That is to say EXCEPT yours. Something about your soul speaks to me in a way that i know you are 100, 100% of the time! That's a rare quality my friend! To me, it's the best quality a human being can display!You put in the time to find facts before spewing bullshit info into society. I hope to shake your hand one day! Keep doing you! Much love and respect my dude!!

  2. Yes Those NFT"s is a changer I see performances like from artists that greatest moments on stage as a formulated like a basketball card well how many hours they have on the back of rain is they perform their accomplishments holla at me for more ideas…

  3. When I first heard of NFT's, I was thinking it was a really cool and neat idea. Now I'm starting to think it could just be a fad. What do you guys think about NFT's?

  4. Am I the only one who noticed the David Blaney (?? Blaney runs #77 but usually in yellow/blue livery) 1/18 scale race car between them? Has to be there for a reason, so I'm wondering who's the gearhead that put it there.

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