Business Tips: What Should You Look for at Garage Sales To Flip on eBay? #Shorts

Business Tips: What Should You Look for at Garage Sales To Flip on eBay? #Shorts

Awesome Tip: What Should You Look for at Garage Sales To Flip on eBay? #Shorts

This applies to almost any item you’re wondering about buying to flip on eBay, Facebook marketplace, or any other online marketplace. Check and see what the market is buying it for. #fliplife #garagesalefinds #Shorts

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  2. I miss your trash talk episodes sooooo much! This flip game is so addicting.
    I've been flipping stuff on offer up and ebay and its so much fun! It doesn't even feel like work, plus i get to make that moola on top of it all (: Thanks for the inspiration Gary!

  3. Gamecube, Wii and DVDs are the SUPER HOT STUFF right now.

    This week: Bought 3's Company DVD set for $10, sold for $250 ($240 profit)
    Bought: 10 Gamecube Games for $20, first 3 I sold went for over $80 still have more (Sold NFL Street for 25, 007 Nightfire for $25, MLB Slugfest $30) ($60 Profit still selling more)
    Bought 2 Gamecube Controllers: $10, sold for $50 each (USED) ($90 Profit)
    Bought: Nintendo Wii Bundle w/ special character Wiimotes and 4 games for $80: Sold Wii system and 1 game for $120, sold 3 character wiimotes for $100 ($140 Profit)

    Each item takes about 6 minutes to list, 4 minutes to pack. If you can't take 10 minutes out your day/item + the time to go to Goodwill/Check FB Marketplace or Craigslist, then you're truly missing out on the greatest moment of arbitrage in our lifetime. Just here to provide some value <3

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