Business Tips: Where are the Opportunities During Quarantine? | Tea With GaryVee

Business Tips: Where are the Opportunities During Quarantine? | Tea With GaryVee

Awesome Tip: Where are the Opportunities During Quarantine? | Tea With GaryVee

You always find what you are looking for. If you want to dwell and complain about how you’re stuck in quarantine and its ruining your life, then it will. On the other hand, if you take the time to try and see the positives of the situation, you will be grateful and actually be able to come out of the coronavirus pandemic in a better position than you were before it started. On this episode of “Tea With Garyvee”, Gary takes questions from 9 different people in tough situations and shares his perspective on how they can get out of it, even while stuck inside all day. There is a lot of valuable advice here so please watch all the way through… Enjoy

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25 Replies to “Business Tips: Where are the Opportunities During Quarantine? | Tea With GaryVee”

  1. Hey guys!! I just wanted to say thank you for all the support! Im the Arnold kid in the orange shirt. I ask that if you think my idea was notable, or if you want to be a part of a growing community of positive, driven people, you should take a look at @02_100k on instagram. I post daily, and we work every day to our goals, including our first one of $0.00-$100,000.00!

  2. At 8:23. Gary gives the best advice that anyone can use. JUST BE A HUMAN! This has really reasonated with me. I wanted to start taking more action and be accountable. Gary has always mentioned to do vlogs and podcasts. I challenge myself to create a youtube channel and create content about how to build wealth through real estate. I would love to hear feedback from the community. Gary Vee what do you think?

  3. 100% Gary has been an inspiration. I made the jump three years ago from 'working for the man' and now have my own business, generated £3 million+ sales in three years. Every day (pre lockdown) every single day has been watching one of Garys vids. You the man.

  4. Hey GARYVEE! Thank you man for inspiring me. I took action and I'm tasting new things. You are a great inspiration man. You've helped to not to dwell and think too much And it's all about happiness… And today I am happy because of you. Thank you so much Gary. I have started my YouTube channel today, starting a new journey… If anyone wants to be with my journey and support me check out my YouTube channel. Thank you guys. THANK YOU GARY

  5. GARRY VEE IS THE MAN !!! I have taken all Gary advice I’ve jumped out of my comfort zone and now I’m on a target to make a million I’ve even created a YouTube channel to follow my Process my first vlog is going to drop in 24 hours I would love some Support/feedback so please hit subscribe and check it out peace ✌️

  6. GARYVEE IS THE MAN!!! I’v taken all of Gary’s advice, jumped out my comfort zone and now I’m on target to show what I’ve learned! I’ve even created a YouTube channel to follow my progress. I’ll upload at least one video a week. I would love some support or feedback. So please hit subscribe and check it out! Peace!

  7. hey @GaryVee. long time follower from Sydney Australia. What's the best way to get on the show. love to have a chat to you about how creatives (in particular music composers) should utilise this time to make it work for their living and also be sustainable with pushing creative limit 🙂

  8. Think About it!
    Gary vee is very very very smart what he is doing . Think deep on what the world js turning into , data is the new oil. Facebook just bought shares of jio with india having 1.3b people The corona virus the NWO coming soon . The federal reserve , stimulus checks ! 5g and everything else … got it ??

  9. “You fucking fuck”

    This is why I love listening to you because you steal the words right out of my mouth.

    “Heather start a YouTube channel because I love your makeup and your such a good artist…” starts a channel and those fuckers don’t watch or share or subscribe. Like okay !!! But when I mean something in a few years guess who’s going to call me for a makeup appointment and guess who’s going to say no.

    With love,


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