Business Tips: Why Rich People Are Unhappy | DailyVee 476

Business Tips: Why Rich People Are Unhappy | DailyVee 476

Awesome Tip: Why Rich People Are Unhappy | DailyVee 476

I don’t know why there is this misconception that money will bring you happiness… Of course, money gives you freedom and can open many doors, but the money in itself will not solve all of your problems or make you happy. You need to do what you love and really find out what makes you happy if you want to live a life that you actually won’t regret.

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42 Replies to “Business Tips: Why Rich People Are Unhappy | DailyVee 476”

  1. I think the reason rich people are depressed and unhappy bc they achieved everything in life their life is boring and just depressing bc they are on top and there is just nothing to do in the world anymore you know you have all this money but the money just ends up making you depressed…

  2. I mean it makes sense. Think of it like a modded GTA V, when you have the mods to unlock everything at any time. It eventually gets boring, same situation with the real world expect it leads to depression and sadness.

  3. From the random joe on the street money buys stuff. From a creative mastermind's perspective money doesn't buy 'stuff'. It buys a promise that the product the customer receives is the highest quality product that the human species is CAPABLE OF CREATING. A Rolls-Royce is not 'just a car' as some stupid bumpkin off the street would say. The Rolls-Royce radiator grill is made entirely by hand. When the car gets painted 5 layers are sprayed with meticulous attention paid to the viscosity and thickness of the residue. Even though the process takes 22 hours, if a SINGLE layer is too thick the paint is completely stripped and the process is redone. What if a mistake is done again? It will be redone. And it will be redone over and over and over and over until it is done right. Whatever you think of a Rolls-Royce, whether you believe it is 'just a car' or 'it's not that attractive' or whatever… there is one thing you will NEVER be able to say. You will NEVER be able to say that ANY luxury vehicle is treated with a greater level of attention, care, consideration, reconsideration, deliberation, vexation & LOVE for the art of perfection like the Rolls-Royce. And this goes for Audemars Piguet (and watches of its class), Paul Mclean mansions (and architects of his class), Buggatis (and other hypercars) etc…

  4. imo, the rich people who are not happy have never REALLY struggled. I say this because I was blessed growing up and took so much for granted and was not happy. After I got hooked on pain pills and lost everything and spent years either on the street or in jail. I REALLY knew what struggling was that every day im on my knees thanking God and for a place to go home too, thanking for the food in the kitchen, thanking him for good health, and when I go outside on a beautiful day and ride my bike and go get something good to eat I am SOOO happy. The level of apreciation and happiness I get from normal mundane things was made possible by knowing what it feels like to not have those things. I appreciate so much I took for granted before. I believe that is why some rich people can never be satisfied. They are buying more stuff and making it worse. If they lost it all, or never had it, when they got half what they have now back they would understand happiness. Happiness is a perspective.

  5. It's all about how you spend it. If your rich and treat yourself but also give back to the homeless for example, you will be happy. So yea if your planning on becoming rich, just make sure to spend it wisely

  6. I don't really think rich people are unhappy. Maybe some but definitely not all of them and money may not even be a factor in all of this. They are people like you and me that have issues or things going on in their lives but for some reason, normal people like to propagate that rich people are unhappy. I think people who are not rich do this to make themselves feel better, that even if they are not rich people, they live happier lives than rich people. It's a delusion people tell themselves.

  7. I could not disagree more. Money opens doors. It will not buy your health and it will not save your life if you have cancer but it bloody well can do everything else. This is a pointless video. If you are living in a place and you hate it you can get on a plane and fly to England and buy a country cottage.

  8. Wow before Gary addresses the Starbucks coffee soft comment I saw the Starbucks cups beside him and in my mind I said “wholy crap what’s gonna happen”. Thought maybe this was a Gary clone like the Gucci Mane clone talk that was going around awhile back lol

  9. Are you admitting you are not happy, Gary ? You are rich as well. Or some are unhappy. There are some unhappy store clerks too, but generalizing is never a good idea. Money is just a tool that can expand your mission. Studies show money spent on others and experiments brings happiness even beyond 75k. Don't believe me? Read happy money and see the research, but you said you don't like to read so perhaps the audible version. That's one reason reading is good because it expands your mind to studies and potent, palpable information that can enhance and help change your life for the better. Intuition is great and living life but reading and learning has its immense place too. Again, it all depends on the person but surely helps solve a lot of problems and expands your mission, etc. however it is not everything but it is strong indeed

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